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What in the world is happening with my PC

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User Info: rainbowdragon92

3 years ago#1
so, here is my PC

Intel Core i5-3350p CPU @ 3.10GHz
Nividia GeForce GTX 760
8.2 GB RAM
Windows 7 64 bit

I played watch dogs earlier this year, and then wolfenstein the new order...they both ran like crap. I am not the best when it come to terms, but what I am getting I THINK is screen tearing. it looks like ripples when I move the mouse to look around, if that makes sense. I went into xcom the bureau last night and it was happening as well. About 5 minutes ago, I started up Betrayer and it is insane. What the Hell is causing this? It takes me out of any game I play because it looks so jarring. I have been told that my CPU is kind of bad, but is it really that bad?

User Info: slyman19

3 years ago#2
Did you turn on vsync in those games?

User Info: rainbowdragon92

3 years ago#3
slyman19 posted...
Did you turn on vsync in those games?

yeah, forgot to mention sorry. That was the first thing I did, and they all look the exact same before and after turning it on

User Info: Lvthn

3 years ago#4
Watch Dogs runs like crap for a lot of people, not just you. Disregard that from any conversation on how games run.

Well, what frame rate are you getting? If it's not 60 FPS then tearing will probably happen, and VSync can't fix that if it's regularly downshifting.

If you're not getting 60 FPS, see what happens when you turn down settings until you get 60 FPS with VSync and never drop below. Even if it looks like you're getting 60 FPS at first, spin the camera to stress it out and see if you get a drop.

Also, do you have an overclock on your GPU? If yes, turn that off, and do the above.

User Info: Elkiador

3 years ago#5
The CPU has nothing to do with screen tearing. Are you running games in windowed full screen mode?
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