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The GPD Win

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User Info: TheWorstPoster

3 weeks ago#71
ArkonBlade posted...

except Microsoft has nothing to do with it. Its just using there OS.

And MS would like us all to try to forget that Steam ever existed. Steam is the only third-party software that is preloaded in the system itself.
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User Info: TheWorstPoster

2 weeks ago#73


2 weeks ago#74
GoldenSun3DS posted...
TheWorstPoster posted...
I hate the keyboard on this thing, but then again this thing wasn't exactly meant for web browsing, and I barely use the keyboard much

Actually, I like the keyboard more than the touch screen keyboard on my phone (Galaxy S6). I typo A LOT on my phone because of the lack of tactile feedback.

Just typing this message, I had to correct a lot of typos. But my GPD win takes longer to type, but I rarely typo on it.

I know on my Samsung tablet it had horrible auto correct but it has a 16:10 OLED screen so I use that for YouTube and Netflix in bed but my IPhone 5s from 2014 or 13 has amazing autocorrect on it I have no problems typing on this phone fast.
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User Info: Villain

2 weeks ago#75
still kind of interested in getting one someday
Formally known as Will VIIII
Get a GPD XD its amazing. I'm glad I came by this topic and learned about the GPD products. Totally in love with my GPD XD would not trade it for anything right now

User Info: Villain

2 weeks ago#77
I have the XD
Formally known as Will VIIII
Oh Cool Which color?

User Info: Villain

2 weeks ago#79
The Blue 32GB model
Formally known as Will VIIII

User Info: JonWood007

2 weeks ago#80
It's an interesting concept, and I've been eyeing one on and off for like a year now, but I'm kinda leery on the concept for several reasons:

1) Form factor. It's a great gaming device, sure. But it has the form factor similar to the first nvidia shield. And I had issues with that too. Might make for more optimal gaming, but honestly, i want a device that does more than just games. i think of many situations in which i would replace my current android tablet with a shield and it just doesnt work.

2) To build off point 1, windows 10. It's okay for desktops (only okay, it's only good point is gaming compatibility, it's actually garbage otherwise IMO), but on a handheld with a 5" screen? Nah. Too small, and the controls seem awkward for anything but gaming. COmpared to an android style UI which Im accustomed to, I can't see it being anywhere near as functional in non gaming areas. like streaming, web browsing, podcasts, etc.

3) The specs. it's an interesting concept, but the specs seem too weak. To build off of point 2, I have an laptop with almost identical specs to the GPD in raw power. CPU, RAM, and GPU are all comparable and within, say, 10% performance of this thing. Windows 10 is SLOW on it. 7 ran fine, but 10...nah. And for gaming, I never touch that laptop any more since it struggles to run almost anything past, say, 2011-2012. I'd like something a bit beefier. Maybe with 8 GB RAM, a stronger CPU, and a IGP similar to what's in modern laptops, like a HD 520/620.

4) I heard the batteries blow up on the new model, no bueno.

All in all, interesting idea. But I can't see it replacing my tablet, and I would be better off just getting a more powerful android tablet and sticking to that ecosystem for portability, and/or getting a new laptop since mine is 6 years old and kind of long in the tooth. Form factor isnt as portable, but I'd have moee power.

I'd really like to see how it develops with future models before I'd seriously consider one. I'd like to at least see a much stronger one, with perhaps a better more mobile friendly version of windows before I seriously consider it.
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