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There is just too much s*** to plug in when using a computer

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User Info: gideond

1 month ago#21
I'm rather fond of this thing.

Plugged into a surge suppressed outlet. I have this up under my desktop keeping everything nice and secure.

User Info: unknown_VS

1 month ago#22
Street_Overlord posted...
The tower needs to be plugged in
The monitor needs to be plugged in
The Modem needs to be plugged in
External HDs need to be plugged in
The speakers need to be plugged in

Which is why you buy a laptop / notebook, there are even some gaming laptops which don't look totally obnoxious.

And don't cheap out on the BT speakers.

"1080 looks great but 2160 looks like real life which makes sense since it's the limit of the human eye."

User Info: wildog2006

1 month ago#23
Worst troll attempt since don_sf created his 1,000th alt account.
MOD: Mindless, Oppressive, & Delusional

User Info: Street_Overlord

1 month ago#24
NuclearHendrix posted...
1. Get a monitor with built-in speakers, a T.V.

Built in speakers on a monitor are AWFUL. A TV is too big to fit on the desk.

NuclearHendrix posted...
2. Install Blu-ray player.

Not worth the price tag when I have a standalone Bluray player that I can just plug in (at the cost of extra hassle)

NuclearHendrix posted...
3. Install Wi-Fi adapter.

Into what? My PC has one. That doesn't change the fact that without a Modem, I have no internet.

NuclearHendrix posted...
4. Only use internal hard drives(I have a feeling you need an external for work or something though).

I have an internal SSD for speed, and use External HDDs for capacity. That's the best way to go.
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  3. There is just too much s*** to plug in when using a computer

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