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registry question
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Should I get the GTX 970 over the 480?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Depending on the game, how many playthroughs do you have with a campaign/story?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Monitor through DVI port not working right when using a AMD GPUTheNeckbeard67/1/2016
Reinstalling windows....stuck on "Checking File system on D:"Rawe47/1/2016
Steam Community TasksKyle102257/1/2016
I can't get Steam to run at Startup. Anyone know what's up?NicoGrimm37/1/2016
Newbie on OCing need help poor fps :(
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Running DOOM @ 1080p with max graphics (Nightmare, TSAA 8X AA) on the Radeon 480
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Ok, so why Caribbean is excluded from LATAM's region locking?elsalvadoreoran17/1/2016
Is there a way to stop Chrome from constantly asking me to kill pages?Kalirion17/1/2016
what the f*** happened to AMD
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Punch club on vista?southStarFist27/1/2016
RX 480 Frying Parts On Motherboards (Link Inside)
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I mean it's cool Valve supports their games practically forever with updates
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It's that time again - $15 in Steam Wallet19darkdenizen9227/1/2016
my friend's win7 pc is dead, how would he upgrade it to win10?Grey_Asakura67/1/2016
Good arpg?FlyinTonite27/1/2016
Recommend a new solid state driveRawe57/1/2016
PSA Cheap Black Ops 3stav877/1/2016