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BlogFAQs My friend refuses to play Planetside 2 since it is P2W in his book.-5xad0w-47/4/2016
Radeon 480 doesn't burn motherboards, the user does that
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Hidden gems of the steam sale?
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South Park games. What's the replay value on those rpgs
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Weeb alert: Sonicomi appears to have launched on Steam as of July 1st.
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So it's official, all future MicroSoft published games will also be on PC (Halo6Dirk85UK107/4/2016
geforce 1060 has short pcb with extended fan, 6pin power connectorsnkboi37/4/2016
Win10 "Recommended" resolution for a monitor isn't it's native res?
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2.50 USD left, any last minute recommendations?kaMMakaZZi2927/4/2016
Considering a few games, can you all provide thoughts/advice?kaMMakaZZi2957/4/2016
Chivelry midevil worth getting. How fun is it.
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CoolChip Technologies Teases New Kinetic Cooler design by Sandia National LabsKamenRiderBlade17/4/2016
What are you going to do with Summer Steam cards?
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SF5 and Killer Instinct are both running slow like the characters are underwater
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MSI 980 Ti for $399 over at Newegg26_Sandman_3967/4/2016
Quantum BreakSmoothflanz47/4/2016
I can't figure out how many pins I need for RAM
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Aftermarket Radeon 480s revealed - specs and price
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Ink problem or printer problem?silvergokuZ17/4/2016
is this a good pc to get?Deadbud77/4/2016