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are these the correct specs for bf1?vayne145107/10/2016
Haven't seen an AMD RX 480 using an 8-pin power connector.
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Who would want to see a new Saints Row?
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What do ya know! Dynasty Warriors is historically accurate.
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Rise of the Tomb Raider won't boost my GPU?lp35628117/10/2016
I get spikes of lag sometimes while playing games.Retrowire37/10/2016
Best 1440P 144hz monitor?chickenlard67/10/2016
How to know if you are supposed to dl the x32, x64 or x86 version of a program?
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Can devs make console games with scale-able graphics like PC?
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Why's my pc boot up so slow?
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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII came out recentlypyro_bunta87/10/2016
PC not recognizing phonessj-kenobi57/10/2016
Is there a site where others build custom PC's for you?Zephyrnos67/10/2016
Help me understand Overwatchbikeblaster67/10/2016
Think consoles could handle Attila Total War?lordofthenlpple47/10/2016
<3 mods.
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Any risk to buying Steam games that are purchased as "Steam Gifts?"TheBorderCollie27/9/2016
Is there a connector piece that disconnects a usb device via a switch?ThePHiLsTeR47/9/2016
new to pc gaming need advice
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Rise of the Tomb Raider just had a big DX12 and software patch on Steamsnkboi107/9/2016