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Friend is going to Micro Center and looking for a new processor, $160 budgetTheC0ndemnedOne25/28/2014
Battlefield Hardline 7 minute gameplay trailer
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What should My budget be for a pc?
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BF3 is currently free on Origin
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Opinions on this pc build? For modded minecraft.UsernamesRlame55/28/2014
Is MS Visual Basic any good?MaxCHEATER6485/28/2014
Anything in particular I have to watch for when upgrading from XP32 to Win7 64?Megawizard15/28/2014
Updated bios, and have a Windows Recovery Error problem nowAboveAllFear25/28/2014
Wait there are actual software engineers on pch?
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Question regarding CM Storm QuickFire Rapid tenkeyless keyboardit_r_over900015/28/2014
Brutal DOOM help - Black screen upon booting gzdoom...POOKISTAN65/28/2014
How fast does my internet speed need to be to properly use the Steam streaming?temgun105/28/2014
Problem with brightness in The Sims 3.
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Question to those with Korean 1440p monitordennis94101215/28/2014
I have some router/ internet cable/ speed questionsVoelger105/28/2014
How's Injustice God's Among As?
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What are some really good headsets.nickizgr885/28/2014
Replacement for my Logitech G500teir95/28/2014
Upgrade help
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Final Fantasy 7 or 8 for a newbie to the series?
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