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Favorite Game Boy game? (Classic games only-no GBC!)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Goosio3810/13 9:38AM
Final game you got on the Game Boy (only GB games-no other system)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Django1912510/11 7:23AM
Looking for the title of a game. I only remember it vaguely.Isilwenightfall99/29 8:37AM
A look at Modern Indie GameBoy games from the 2017 #UOGBJAMst1ka19/28 1:32PM
What device do you play your GB games on?Frozen_Robo-Ky69/25 9:18PM
How is this game called?selmiak49/23 7:38AM
Original Gameboy games that used digitized voice recordings?desuno-to68/30 6:45AM
Hyperkin Smart boyRogziel2k48/27 4:48PM
Linking games from different regionsdesuno-to108/27 8:55AM
FYI Gameboy color Worm light work on the original DMG GameboyAAK38/25 8:40PM
"Game Boy Accessories - Angry Video Game Nerd"Gauller48/19 5:59AM
Whom out of the two do you prefer? Pokemon??nowshining18/12 1:02AM
Whom out of the two do you prefer? Pokemon?nowshining18/12 12:59AM
gameboy games having colorful graphics when played on GBCjjgg12347/27 7:41AM
Why does the back of the box show games that were not even made yet?GenerationX-Men36/5 5:48PM
Why does the screen just show black lines?TidalFlameIX65/29 5:14PM
Catrapviceprojectdoom35/11 2:25PM
Do all original GB games with a password entry screen lack a save battery?setezerocinco24/26 8:57PM
Fun sequels only from Japangamemaster71213/30 7:00AM
Has any one ever done the back light modification for the original Game Boy?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Arguro153/19 10:32AM
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