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Attempting to compile Casino games/minigames on NES.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Harv207/14 3:19PM
NES Classic back in production?LuigisBro47/13 6:55AM
Out of these NES games that I have, which are the easiest to beat?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
mninp367/10 7:25PM
NES Classic Edition second print better or first print???The_Orignal77/10 5:44AM
so i just replayed legend of zelda after..15 years i thinkcreep5077/6 2:52PM
What are your favorite NES player character sprites ?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
OhMYGoodNES317/6 6:36AM
For a console with so many classic games, a lot of them had awful box art in NA
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
DorkLink197/6 5:18AM
What are the hardest Nintendo games?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
apollo640297/5 4:42PM
Watching my friend play Zelda II makes me laugh.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
MarioShroomed207/5 4:29PM
Post your Top 30 Favorite NES Games (a la Nintendo Power)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
NES_Man_II407/4 6:52PM
Opinions on Codemasters' NES Games?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Jumpman81127/3 10:19PM
Nintendo MerchLil_Bit8367/1 12:53PM
Best NES Golf Game shot?Draconiator46/30 10:13PM
Anyone else find FFII (not US II) harder than FFI?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
mninp166/30 5:46PM
Is there any input lag with the Hyperkin NES controller to NES Classic adapter?phaze_basic16/30 5:19PM
Is it common for younger gamers to be bad at NES games?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Lemon_Master196/28 11:27PM
How rare is the NES Classic Edition?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
The_Orignal196/28 1:36PM
Pick 4 AMAZING NES games, 1 Horrible game, and 2 Underrated game!
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Maximothelad276/28 11:34AM
Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure (NES) - Positive QualitiesYAMBAG8426/28 9:16AM
SNES Classic announced
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
bburnett156/28 7:29AM