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User Info: mrmtmn

5 years ago#11
Bases Loaded 3 - B. Another crappy Bases Loaded game. I just don't get why this was popular.

Ghostbusters - B. It was one of my first NES games, I played the heck out of it. But dying every time I got to the stairs and having to start from the beginning of the game sucked away the fun I had.

I've played most of the other games, but my memory is either weak on a game or I haven't played it enough to be a fair judge.
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User Info: Y0u

5 years ago#12
Bases Loaded 3- B
I've played little of this- but with the *entire* point being to play a "perfect" game, it's such an obvious regression as to get a B just on that. The whole perfect game thing should have been a secondary goal at most.

Dungeon Magic- A
I'm torn between A an G on this one. While on one hand- it's an interesting take on RPGs, and feels somewhere between JRPGs, WRPGs, and nonlinear games like Zelda 1. On the other hand- while it's not bad by any means, what it actually does it average to above average. If what I said about where it falls in RPGdom sounds interesting at all, get an FAQ and try this- I know I liked it a lot. Otherwise, you probably won't like it.

Ghostbusters- B
The premise isn't bad at all, and the other versions (particularly the SMS version) of this same Ghostbusters game are actually very good games. But this is just scaled back and buggy enough to be nearly ruined. Not a complete waste- there are still much worse NES games- but don't get your hopes up.
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User Info: MaynardRules

5 years ago#13
Black Bass - A

It's not a great game but I find it more enjoyable than actual fishing.

Ghostbusters - B

Not fun at all.

Is Captain America the Captain America and The Avengers game or some Captain America game I don't know about?

User Info: Binta

5 years ago#14
Bases Loaded 3 (A)
Black bass, The (A)
Captain America (A)
Days of Thunder (A)
Dungeon Magic (G)
Ghostbusters (B)
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User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#15
Bump. - Watch me beat "SNES Biker Mice From Mars" - My backloggery

User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#16
Another bump. - Watch me beat "SNES Biker Mice From Mars" - My backloggery

User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#17
Bases Loaded 3 - A
Black bass, The - B
Captain America - A
Days of Thunder - A
Dungeon Magic - B
Ghostbusters - B

Bases Loaded 3 is an improvement over the first game and a big improvement over the second. The only thing that really hurts the game is the fielding perspective - putting home plate at the top means you spend all your time looking behind the ball instead of in front of it, and this makes it very hard to catch fly balls. Other than that it controls well and sounds decent.

The Black Bass is an insanely simplistic fishing game. You toss out your line, press left and right a few times in the hopes that something will bite (which it frequently doesn't), then once you finally get something you hold A until you hear a noise, let go, and do it again after a few seconds. If you break your line or lose the fish, it simply tells you that you lost, without even an animation. If you succeed, you just do it again. That's all there is to the game. There's not nearly as content or flair as to The Blue Marlin, which in turn is annihilated by Legend of the River King. I can't really see much reason to play this when there's like 8 good River King games out there.

Captain America is kind of like a poor man's GI Joe. If more of the avengers had been playable and the game controlled a bit better this might have been pretty decent, as it stands it's merely average.

Graphically, Days of Thunder is a marvel for the NES. At a time when the "Super FX Chip" was still years away, we have a game with legitimate 3D graphics on NES. To this day I have no idea how they pulled this off. Unfortunately, the game itself is very basic, and the only thing about it that particular stands out is the annoying pitting process. Too bad a little more care didn't go into the game itself because if it played well it really could have stood out.

Dungeon Magic is another crummy dungeon crawler game with no automap. It also has ludicrously small draw distance and tons of popup, so it's almost impossible to tell where things are. If you have to play a game of this type stick to The Bard's Tale or Swords and Serpents.

Apart from the Staircase part, I don't think Ghostbusters is THAT ridiculously bad, but it lacks any kind of redeeming features to make it worth putting up with the game. - Watch me beat "SNES Biker Mice From Mars" - My backloggery

User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#18
New games up sometime tomorrow. - Watch me beat "SNES Biker Mice From Mars" - My backloggery
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