Which of these popular NES games has the BEST music?

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  3. Which of these popular NES games has the BEST music?

User Info: Maximothelad

4 years ago#1
10 may enter, 1 may win.... BATTLE!! - Results (84 votes)
5.95% (5 votes)
Super Mario Bros
3.57% (3 votes)
The Legend of Zelda
7.14% (6 votes)
Final Fantasy
7.14% (6 votes)
Megan Man 2
39.29% (33 votes)
Castlevania 3
17.86% (15 votes)
3.57% (3 votes)
1.19% (1 votes)
Punch Out
1.19% (1 votes)
Ninja Gaiden
13.1% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Which of these do you think has the best music? Personal favs are :

Ducktales - Moon level
SMB - Main Theme
LoZ - Overworld Theme
FF - Prolouge
MM2 = Metal Man / Dr. Wiley Stage 1 / Intro song
Castlevania 3 = Theme of level 1 ( don't remember it's name)
Contra = first stage theme
Metroid = I love the title screen
Punch Out = Training montage
Ninja Gaiden = first level theme is awesome.

User Info: Blair

4 years ago#2
Megan Man got my vote, but it almost went to Ninja Gaiden. Great music in both.

User Info: RodStiffington

4 years ago#3
voted MM2 with Ducktales and CV3 close runner ups

User Info: Kain426

4 years ago#4
Very tough choices... I picked Castlevania 3, if that were not an option i would have gone megaman or ninja gaiden... but yes, very tough.

User Info: Maximothelad

4 years ago#5
Blair posted...
Megan Man got my vote, but it almost went to Ninja Gaiden. Great music in both.

Megan Man ? Is that like his sister? hahaha :p

User Info: WolfAlmighty

4 years ago#6
Maximothelad posted...

Megan Man ? Is that like his sister? hahaha :p

Check your poll, dude.

User Info: uffbulle

4 years ago#7
Not a bad list but for this selection, MM2 by far. A personal top 10:
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Journey to Silius
Castlevania (Wicked Child, Vampire Killer, Heart of Fire, Voyager)
Ninja Gaiden (Mines, Stage 1, Ending)
Guardian Legend (Flight 2, Flight 3, Ending, Flight 1, Ice Dungeon)
DuckTales (Moon, Africa, Transylvania, Amazon)
Mega Man 4 (Pharaoh Man, Dr. Cossack 2, Skull Man, Bright Man)
Castlevania III (Beginning, Prelude, Clockwork, Aquarius)
Double Dragon (Title, Stage 1, Abobo, William)
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User Info: SS4kronos33

4 years ago#8
voted for zelda but its really a tie between these 5..............

Super Mario Bros
The Legend of Zelda
Castlevania 3
Ninja Gaiden

would have said 6 but i havent played ducktales in 22 years and i dont remember anything about its music
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User Info: ButtonMasher123

4 years ago#9
What the heck is Punch Out doing on this list. There are only like two songs in the entire game and they aren't even that great.

I picked Mega Man 2 cause it's my favorite soundtrack on the system, but there are actually a lot of obscure soundtracks that are better than the ones in the popular games. It's funny because that was a big reason why I enjoyed Rambo and A Nightmare Elm Street that were in that bad movie game poll. A Nightmare on Elm Street in particular has a amazing soundtrack.

User Info: ChaseXtreme

4 years ago#10
LOL @ "Megan Man"
Anyway, I voted Ninja Gaiden. Duck Tales has some great ones and Mega Man 2 does as well.
Ninja Gaiden has three tracks alone that appear in my top ten. A Mega Man 2 track doesn't show up until #17 in my top 100
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