did you get a playstation instead during the console wars, way back when

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User Info: ShaneJ

5 years ago#21
My older brother's best friend gave me his Model 1 Saturn, 2 controllers and a few games one day. Completely for free. It was about 13 years ago? I don't remember. I believe the games were Need For Speed, Gex, Bug, Sega Rally championship, Myst, Virtua Fighter, and 1 other game.

At the time I still only had Snes and Genesis. My Brother owned a Playstation and 64 though, but I didn't get mine till a few years later.
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User Info: bultje112

5 years ago#22
it wasn't much of a choice for me. back around 1996 here in the netherlands you couldn't find any place basically that sold saturn. I heard about it but never saw one until years later when I bought a saturn 2nd hand. so I got a psx in late 1996 and n64 in late 98 for the wrestlinggames,. I bought my saturn a few years later and it's my favorite system ever. I"ve always been a sega-man, I had master system, megadrive and dreamcast at launch. however saturn was completely unknown here

User Info: spiffyone

5 years ago#23
I actually had a 3DO first that gen. It was a used unit bought as a gift in, iirc, late '95 when the price had on both the Panasonic and LG/Goldstar models had dropped to $199 (so used it was likely a little over $100). It was the FZ-10 model, which was the one with a flip top. Had some pretty good games, actually, and might've competed sales-wise if not for the ill-thought out business model used. Specs-wise it was about half as "powerful" as Saturn (well, as least half as powerful as the VDP1 from my understanding), but might've been able to close that gap a bit had they gone with the ARM 600/610 CPU as originally planned rather than the ARM60 (the former had a 4k cache on chip, while the latter had no cache).

Then I got a PS1 as a hand-me-down gift in ~'97, and then bought an N64 in fall/winter '98, iirc. I remember the day I purchased it at Electronics Boutique (before the merger with Gamestop) there were a bunch of Saturn games in a bin that they were getting rid of in a sale, and I thought that maybe I should get a Saturn too (they advertised used ones for around or under $99, iirc) but they didn't have any hardware units so I just got the N64 system and games. What's screwed up is I distinctly remember seeing quite a few copies of Dragon Force, Burning Rangers, and Panzer Dragoon Saga in that bin...all on sale. >_<

User Info: artian2k1

5 years ago#24
I bought a Saturn first because I played Virtua Fighter over at a friends house and it was just so addicting. Later on I borrowed my friend PSOne with Soul Blade and FF7 so after giving him back his console I went and bought a PSOne for myself. I loved my Saturn for all it's great games (Shining Holy Ark, Dark Savior, Panzer Dragon Saga etc.) but it just wasn't very popular. For me that will always be the golden age of gaming.
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User Info: StrangerAeons

5 years ago#25
Yep. I had never even actually even seen a Saturn in person till I bought mine last year.

User Info: Exceed20XX

5 years ago#26
For me it wasn't a choice. I was very young back then so I wasn't calling the purchases. My sister picked up the PS1 but I don't really regret it. I barely had any exposure to the Saturn as I never really saw much advertising about it aside from a magazine or two I would come across. It was such an elusive platform to me.
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User Info: Unruly00

5 years ago#27
Im a Sega dude loved all of their consoles, started with the Saturn in the 32 bit wars ha ha. Eventually warmed up to the ps1, just couldnt resist all those sweet games coming out on that system. Never really cared for nintendo past the 16 bit era, even then I only played snes for sqaresofts rpgs

User Info: kylemcauliffe15

5 years ago#28
I got a Super Nintendo. That's right, guys; SNES all the way! I got an N64 later the same year. (Late 1998 I believe.) After this, I got a GameCube in '01 and PSone in '05. Finally got a PS2 later that year. As for the Saturn, I scored both models from a flea market seller for $15 altogether in 2008. They came with two Japanese style controllers, one American controller, and the power cords.

I'll always be a Sega kid at heart though. Genesis was my first console; I still remember getting the Sonic 2 bundle and Jurassic Park on Christmas Day '94. I honestly don't remember much about the Saturn because of how overshadowed it was by the competition.
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User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
5 years ago#29
No, I did not. I was even given a choice, but opted for the Saturn.
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User Info: cj_iwakura

5 years ago#30
I chose Saturn first. Working Designs.

Went with PS1 next for FFVII.

Ignored the N64 for a good ten years after.
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