Best items to restock?

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User Info: iamtheprodigy

9 years ago#1
What items do you guys usually go for when restocking?

If you don't want to say items (for fear of too much competition I guess), what stores do you go to?
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User Info: Scottteh

9 years ago#2
Not many people here do restock.. So I wouldn't expect much help. Just visist shops.. watch and learn.
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User Info: Icegoten200

9 years ago#3
Im a big time restocker (I made 166k my first night) and you just go to shops that sell items your interested in buying.
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User Info: iamtheprodigy

9 years ago#4
I'm not really looking for help, I was just curious where everyone here went. But if not many people here restock, then nevermind...
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User Info: joshelder

9 years ago#5
No offense but 166k in one night is not 'big time restocking'.

User Info: Icegoten200

9 years ago#6
That had nothing to do with that phrase. Thats why i put it in ()'s . I mean I restock alot and make lots of profits from it. I was just saying how much I made my first time.
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User Info: iamtheprodigy

9 years ago#7
Where were you restocking when you made that, Icegoten? I just started doing restocking and I'd say so far I've made about 70,000 in the last few days (not a lot, I know but it wasn't like hardcore all-day-long restocking it was just for a few hours each day at the most).

I'm still trying to find the best shop to restock at (well, at least that's sensible for me, so not like Royal Potionery). Right now I'm trying the gardening shop. I've gone through Pizzaroo and Plushies, but both of them don't really have that many profitable items.
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User Info: FANTAZY

9 years ago#8
The only i played was Meerca Chase II. LOL.

I play neopets just to restock and browse around the web.
Anyway, try SpookyFood, i'm restocking there. You can get Snorkle Snout, Candy Skull and some really rare items but usually they don't appear often so try to watch out for them. Plus, please know what items to restock because some of the items will make you lose rather than profit. =)

Heard that Igloo is good too. You might want to try restocking there.

I'll give u a short list of Spooky Food to restock:

meerca pie
quiggle pie
runny snot
crunchy snotball
wing of korbat
snorkle pudding
pumpkin scoopings
jelly spider eye ball
apple lantern
halloween candy cane
coco pumpkin
spooky ghostbeef
bogie berry
rest in peace of chicken
tomb chips
brain ice cream
eliv thade sandwich
pink spooky popcorn
snorkle snout
candy skull
brain ice cream
festering coffee
menacing brew
pink spooky ice cream
pink spooky floss
pink apple lantern
pumpkin ice cream
bone dog
ghastly stew
wormy pasta
blumaroo tail salad extravaganza
millipede lollypop
elephante trunk stew
roasted spyder on a stick
pumpkin pot pie
snail cream cone
gummi worms
spooky handwich
bat kebab
haunted milk
chilled eyes with clam sauce
the stuff
chocolate jack-o-lantern chip cookie
grundo toe lint
rotting wormburger
vanilla ghost cake
lime gummy rat
vanilla ghost cake
ghost pancake
cress and cheese ghostkersandwich
intestines and marinara
spooky flying doughnut
crypt of spaghetti
spooky pumpkin gateau
monster cake
ghost techo lolly
mynci brain sandwich
eyeball and worm sandwich
brain stew
brains and dumplings
brain candy mix

Peace ^_^
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User Info: supdawg222

9 years ago#9
go to magic and stamp i make millions there
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User Info: Dark_Star_1

9 years ago#10
Short list, huh?
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