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Unable to connect to player

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User Info: Barrowhite

9 years ago#1
I have had this problem ever since I bought generals for my old computer, and still have the same problem on my new computer running it off first decade.

Whenever I try to connect to an online game, I join one then everyone accepts. But as soon as it says "awaiting probe response" it comes up with an error "FAILED TO CONNECT TO PLAYERS" and dumps me back in the lobby.

Sometimes I can run 1v1's, maybe 1/20 attempts. The connection says "connection completed" then it goes to the loading screen, my bar fills up instantly but theirs sits empty for about a minute before it starts the game and they immediately d/c. Only roughly further 1/10 of the 1/20 that connect I actually get a game with.

The strange thing is, is that sometimes (albeit very rarely) I do get working games, and other online games (a bunch mmo's, CS:source, TF2, RA2 etc.) all work online without a hitch. So I am quite at a loss.

Anyone know a fix? I am tired of playing all my online games of generals on a friends machine!
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User Info: GeneralCalvin

9 years ago#2
First, did you get the 1.06 patch?

Two, make sure your firewall is not blocking it. If your firewall will not take it, you won't be able to connect to games. I would say for sure that's the problem, but with the fact that, albeit rarely, you do get into a game, that says to be your firewall is kinda funny. My guess is just go in and tell your firewall to ignore the game and everything should work just fine.
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User Info: redhawk963

9 years ago#3

hi Ive been trying to get my C&C generals to work on-line but when i got to make a new account its keeps saying roung password

try again OR I try log-in and it say this account does not exist please go to create account so what do i need to do?

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