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TopicCreated ByMsgsLast Post
2 DiscSadow_Strike25/13 10:56AM
How to tell what zone an O attack will hit?AugustAdoulin45/8 1:39PM
Can i get by without sidequests? *spoilerschronotrig10042/27 11:07PM
Comical set up in Heaven's Ruins!Crazy4Metroid31/23 6:03PM
Avoided this game for a long timeFinalFLuver11/10 8:00PM
I created a heavily edited version of Xenosaga Episode II for YoutubeCycloneFox261/8 9:36AM
What is the most annoyingly tedious GS Campaign in your view?Crazy4Metroid412/31 9:05PM
Is the Professor wearing Roller Blades or Roller Skates?Crazy4Metroid112/30 7:30AM
Do you feel that you need to finish episode 1 before starting this?Crazy4Metroid512/13 2:18AM
Ether Attack or Physical Attack, how would you know?Crazy4Metroid112/7 2:20PM
Played this in my teens great graphicskikoken110/21 8:58AM
cutscene overkill and other lesser complaints...treos258/18/2016
Years I one of the few who prefer this game's battle system?Akuma_Kinomoto78/4/2016
Can you do the GS Campaigns at any time?Matt_Ishida37/7/2016
Key items: mutually exclusive entries in the listLancetJades15/18/2016
Will be playing this game soon, any tips/hints/cheats to be super overpowered?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Why do so many people dislike this game?j_person_42584/11/2016
Albedo is in the Top 10 Psychopaths In Video Games listCrazy4Metroid64/6/2016
Xenosaga HD port on ps4!
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
petition sign up for xenosagaSendokon97612/7/2016
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