Infinite money w/o cheats...

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User Info: jkiper

8 years ago#1
First I built a small support city that only had waterpumps and garbage landfills(not a functional city) then, right next door, I built a large master city (million+) without waterpumps or garbage landfills. Then, when playing the large city, I set a neighbor deal to get all water and garbage services from the small support city. After everything was set up and running cool, just for fun I canceled the neighbor deal and in the same screen sold the water back to the small city for 800,000 simolians per 1000 of water. I have manipulated this glitch to pay my master city over 3 million every month and still buy the water at regular price! It only works for a few months, but all you have to do is set the deal again. HA!

User Info: pyber80

8 years ago#2
Interesting idea. Of course, you could always use the money building plug-ins. Saves on the hassle and can't really be called cheating.

"I need money for pot, booze and women. Hey, at least I'm honest."
-- A street person in Vancouver, BC
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  3. Infinite money w/o cheats...

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