isnt there a better money cheat?

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  3. isnt there a better money cheat?

User Info: ZeroJinKui

8 years ago#1
sometimes i just like messing around, dropping alot of big buildings around and stuff, but adding $1000 at a time is painful...

i see that "supermoney" cheat... but it doesnt work... did someone mess it up, or were they just being a jackass?
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User Info: pyber80

8 years ago#2
I don't know about any money cheats as I've not used them with SC4. What I use are the money building/park mods. Place a few when starting a new city, let time move forward a couple of months to allow the buildings to generate income, then once you've reached the desired amount, start building. Another option is a Simoleon Mod. Place the file with the desired Simoleon amount in the mod folder before starting a new city, and away you go. I much prefer the money buildings though, as they can be used to provide a steady income, rather than a single boost at the start of a new city.

Money Parks:
Simoleon Mod:
Simoleon Mod (Increased amounts, for Rush Hour only):

If you're unsure how the mods work, refer to the directions contained in the description of each mod. Further instructions on how to use mods can be found at the forums. Basically though it comes down to placing your mod/addon files into the proper folder in you SC4 program folder. Try not to run too many mods at once, and don't use multiples of the money mods I listed above at the the same time.

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  2. SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition
  3. isnt there a better money cheat?

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