Jack McCoy

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User Info: NeoEscaflowne

9 years ago#1
Anyone here besides me who actually hates Jack McCoy?

User Info: ChaosLolz

9 years ago#2
He's alright I guess. I kind of miss the court drama after watching so much SVU and CI
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User Info: StarFighters76

9 years ago#3
Season premeire is tomorrow night. From what I hear, new changes has taken place.
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User Info: Tarrun

9 years ago#4
I like McCoy. He has moments that are kind of annoying, but overall he's a good character.

I think the new format they have going might work well. McCoy still has a prominent role (more than any of the other DA's so far), but for now I like the Michael Cutter character. I'll have to see his character develop a bit more, but I think it can work.
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