This game isn't for everyone...

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User Info: ParaFish

9 years ago#1
I respect that this game has a fan base but this game hasn't aged well. There are so many annoying things in the game that turn me off. It is similar to Breath of Fire 2 and its infinite amount of random battles thrown at you. The combat system is really boring and you literally have to walk back in forth for 1-2 hours at the end of the game just to be able to kill the last boss. I wouldn't say this game is hard but just frustrating. When I die in an old Mega Man game I don't get that frustrated because it was my own mistake. In this game there are actually instances where you can be running with enemy bullets and it takes you down to half health or zero health in one shot. The hit detection is complete trash. I understand that people like this game and that it was pretty good cinematic back in the day. However, I don't think this game has aged well and many newcomers will not find much joy in playing this. I suggest playing Ys IV or something on the PS2 instead. Don't pick up this game unless you know completely what you are getting yourself into. It is very flawed.

User Info: capri

9 years ago#2
I am a newcomer, and I have loved every second of this game. I don't think the hit detection is flawed at all. If you understood that you aren't supposed to run directly at an enemy; but attack him from more of an angle on the side, you probably wouldn't have a problem with the hit detection either. I don't see how your inability to learn the simple gameplay makes the game at fault.

Sure the graphics aren't as pretty; and some of the boss fights are tough. But, that's part of the appeal for me. I've played so many RPGs where I can breeze through any boss fight and not even get in critical health. Having a challenge is refreshing.

At any rate, I'm sorry the game didn't appeal to you. And I agree with you.. its not for everyone. But i would recommend for everyone to watch demos, play an hour of it or something, and then make a judgment call. But to just pass on it is a mistake... this is a wonderful game.
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User Info: Citan22

9 years ago#3
yea seriously, the game is not flawed. the way you are playing it is probably severely flawed so try these:

1. never stand still near enemies cause that = death.
2. dont go at them straight on! pretty obvious but i guess thats what you've been doing since you're blaming the hit detection.
3. if you're taking too much damage for no good reason and have the speed set on Fast, turn it back to Slow. everyone gets hit more on Fast for some reason.

as far as the leveling up at the end of the game, i was in the same situation. you tried leveling up in the wrong area if it took you that long though. the place i did it (after some help from this board) took only 20 mins max. i only needed one level though.
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User Info: thepotatoman

9 years ago#4
Im not very far at all (exploring the shrine right now and dont know what to do with the prison key) but i really like the premise of the game. My biggest problem is the dungeon designs are like a developer just drew up a random maze like you would find in those travelers puzzle books but i can handle it.

One good thing about it is you can save anywhere anytime, so if there is any spot that is truly frustrating you can just do the whole save, walk 3 steps, save again if didn't lose health but so far its easy enough I just save at the beginning of rooms.

User Info: yangfeili

9 years ago#5
Try the PC Complete versions. Fixes all the problems, beefs up the action, pretties things up.
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