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User Info: ___O_o___

9 years ago#11
Since no one is willing to case a Resurrection Scroll on me, ......

*Respawns with full HP and MP at spawn location*

*Teleports to this board*

*Sneaks up behind Sonic Tail*

*Stabs Sonic Tail with the legendary Poison Dagger*

User Info: sonictailsfan

9 years ago#12
*doesn't respawn because I'm immune to poison*
*Grabs ___O_o___'s dagger and stabs him back expecting him to get back up*
Sonic is in Brawl. And Ganondorf. And Robot(damn)

User Info: ___O_o___

9 years ago#13
*Gets frustrated*

*Presses ESC*

*Clicks Load*

*Selects a save game just before dying at the hands of the enemy*

*Kills SonicTail before he retaliates*

*Saves game*

*Deletes old saved games to prevent SonicTail from loading*

User Info: ___O_o___

9 years ago#14

User Info: ___O_o___

9 years ago#15

User Info: ___O_o___

9 years ago#16
:^ )

User Info: Nbsno4

9 years ago#17
*uses immortal spell*

Kill me.

User Info: ___O_o___

9 years ago#18
Hah, you dare challenge me? With pleasure.

*Casts Spell Jack, which steals all enemy buffs and transfers them to the caster. Spell Jack also causes the Dazed status effect, which stuns the enemy for 3 seconds. However, due to the intense surge of magical energy involved, Spell Jack deals 4-7 damage to the caster.*
[Mana Cost: 45 MP]

*Conjures a deadly magical contraption of pure evil and malice known as the Death Sentry.*
Description: The Death Sentry throws rays of pure darkness, dealing 54-66 damage upon impact. They also have a 6% chance of causing the Darkness status effect, which reduces the chance to hit of the enemy by 66%. The Death Sentry contains 6 charges and automatically vanishes after 66 seconds.
[Mana Cost: 6 MP]

*Drinks a Small Mana Potion, which restores the user's MP by 50.*

User Info: ___O_o___

9 years ago#19
Har har har... All my enemies shall tremble before me, and none shall stand in my way. I stand victorious and reign supreme!
O_o . . . o_O

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