PSP Memory stick Qs & As v3 [Please check out if new to PSPs]

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    (7) 'What are some differences between UMD based games and those on our memory sticks?'

    One difference, right off the bat, for you new PSP users to take note of is the fact that the same game downloaded from the PSN and stored on the memory stick almost always loads slightly quicker than the exact same game on UMD. In other words, a digital copy of any given game will more than likely be a bit quicker when it comes to loading times compared to it's UMD counterpart. This is the main thing to keep in mind when deciding between a digital purchase or hard copy purchase of a PSP game. Of course, there are many other differences some obvious and some not so. For example, a digital game is obviously yours and no one else's…. it's tied to the account purchased with [yours] and will not work on anyone else's PSP UNLESS they sign on with your account, in which case, none of their games through their account would work. So you obviously can't really lend a digital copy to a friend, say, unless you have no problem letting them temporarily use your account (which I don't recommend for more reasons than one).

    Since these games are digital, you obviously can't trade 'em back in at Gamestop, for example, when you are bored and done with them. This is one big advantage UMDs have over digital downloads. Another major factor of a lot of UMDs is that any given title can almost always be found for cheaper on a hard copy rather than downloading them for full retail through the PSN, especially if you have no issue buying a UMD used. One nice thing about digital downloads is that you have unlimited downloads of any game you already paid for. So you could delete it off your memory stick to make space for something else, for example, and still be able to download it in the future, should you choose, without having to pay for it again. Of course, I would suggest simply copying the game on to your computer, along with the licensing file, so that you could just copy it back on to the PSP when you want to take it for a spin again. Either way, there are many negatives and positives to both hard copy versions of a game and it's digital counterpart. It all depends on you as to which you would prefer for a specific title.

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