fast paced action rpg

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User Info: neo149

6 years ago#1
i am looking for an action rpg on the psp,i really liked ff7:cc nd ys seven,r ther any similar games

dont suggest kh:bbs i dint really like the kh:bbs,loved kh1 nd kh2 but somehow just cudnt get into kh:bbs

i got a ps2 too,so wudnt mind if its a ps2 game suggestion if ther r no similar games on psp

User Info: Morgalaga

6 years ago#2
Hmm... perhaps try the Star Ocean games.
CC is sorta similar to them.
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User Info: syphoncray67

6 years ago#3
look towards the newest final fantasy called ff type:0 if it come out in us anyway
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User Info: MorphBaller

6 years ago#4
Gods Eater Burst. It's fast paced and pretty fun. You don't level your character up, but you can craft a variety of weapons and shields. My only major complaint is the lack of enemies, which leads to things getting repetitive later in the game. Still, it offers good replayability and quick action so it's worth picking up.

Phantasy Star Portable 2. Not quite as "fast paced" as GEB, but it has tons of content. Online multiplayer is built in, but that can be good or bad depending on the group you're in. Lots of stuff to do in this games.
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User Info: Ghetsis

6 years ago#5
Oats in Felghana.
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User Info: BerlingerT

6 years ago#6
Any of the Ys games. They're very fast-paced. I'd recommend Ys Seven, because I like it's Party System.
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User Info: Kazerei

6 years ago#7
The Star Ocean1 and 2 remakes on PSP are alright. But if you can find them, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Tales of the Abyss on PS2 are much better.

If you enjoyed Ys Seven, get Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

If you just like fighting, try Dissidia. It's sort of like they took an ARPG battle system and made it into a fighting game.

User Info: neo149

6 years ago#8
does phantasy star portable 2 hav a single player mode?is it any good?

User Info: TLR_

6 years ago#9
neo149 posted...
does phantasy star portable 2 hav a single player mode?is it any good?

It is actually... after playing PSO and the first Phantasy Star Portable, I certainly did NOT expect PS:P2 to actually have an extremely fulfilling storyline. I loved it's story though, and Kraz is one of my new favorite RPG characters.
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