About the 6.60 version update.

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User Info: nmagod

5 years ago#21
SonofMetalGear posted...
Yes people are still forced to update their PSPs to 6.40 or whatever. They're doing it on purpose. Its Sony that keeps doing it with new games like with the new games Naruto, Lord of Apocalypse, etc.

IF you dont update your PSP to 6.50 or 7 then you wont be able to play the new games that require an update to your PSP.

I hate that.

Last time I was forced to update my PSP was when I bought Star Wars Elite Squadron a year ago. My PSP is currently at 6.31 or a little lower.

I personally really dont feel like updating my PSP to 6.50 or whatever. I've had enough. I just want to play a new game without having to be forced by Sony to update my PSP to a higher 6.40 or up to 7.0 or whatever. Enough is enough.

Does anyone actually use some of that stuff like Sense Me musci or the Digital Comics crap? they're useless to me and how are you even supposed to use the Digital Comics thing and how and where do you download comics into that thing anyway?

Hey man, hey

you know that part of your post where you listed official firmware versions?

out of SEVEN instances, you only got ONE correct.
TezzaLovesBarryB (Moderator) | Posted 3/20/2012 8:15:41 PM | message detail | quote
mods suck
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