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User Info: disgaea36

5 years ago#1
My ps3 hard drive just messed up so i decided to sell my ps3 since i don't feel like dishing out more money for s 500gb hard drive and redo all those games. I still have back up saves of my ps1 classics so i just re downloaded all my ps1 classics to my psp but it took all day to do it. So I was wondering if i could make back ups by moving my ps1 games to my psp. any help would be great.

User Info: Rolen74

5 years ago#2
You can only copy PS1 games to your PSP if they are not installed. If all of your games are installed to your PS3 then you have to re-download them.

User Info: disgaea36

5 years ago#3
Wow sorry I meant my PC. Is it possible to move your games to your PC after you have already installed them on you psp?? thanks again

User Info: wufiei

5 years ago#4
About the ps1 thing. I think the PS3 started keeping the install data for ps1 games even after you install them (yes, yes, I realize you're asking about PC).

To answer you're question, there's a software called Media go for PC that you can use to download any PSP game (including PS1 classics).
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User Info: disgaea36

5 years ago#5
Wow thank you so much @wufei this is exactly what I needed. I was asking because I kept downloading the games one by one thru the psp at my friends house since i do not have wi fi. I like the direct connect. Thanks again this will help alot

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