How do I stop the crashing?

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User Info: Windexglowing

9 years ago#11
Eh, upgrade to vista64 when you have a chance. 1 gig of your ram isn't being used (vista32 bit can only use 3gigs)

But close any background programs that you don't need. If you're feeling frisky, disable your internet and firewall. Free up any resources you don't need.

If you are using a 'special' exe (not quite legal) I recommend seeing if other people who are using the same exe have crashing problems. Could very well be the problem.

User Info: St_David

9 years ago#12
This game crashes and it's indiscriminate. Some are lucky and some aren't.
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User Info: shadowskill

9 years ago#13
A lot of pirates are playing unstable versions of the game.
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User Info: spardasieg

9 years ago#14
^Thats false.

Sorry, just no.
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User Info: CrimsonM

9 years ago#15
1. Click Start
2. Click “All Programs” (or just Programs, depending on the version of Windows, whether they’re using “classic,” etc.)
3. Go to the ffdshow folder.
4. Click “Audio decoder configuration.”
5. In the left hand pane, click “Info & debug.” This is the second entry in the list.
6. In the right hand pane, near the bottom, find a check box labelled “Don’t use ffdshow in:”
7. Check that box, and in the text box underneath (it lights up when you check the check box), add “fallout3.exe” (don’t include the quotes). If there is already something in that box, put a semi-colon ( ; ) after what’s already there, and fallout3.exe after that. Do NOT use spaces, since ffdshow will think that’s part of the filename. A valid entry would be “explorer.exe;fallout3.exe” (without quotes).
8. Finally, click “Ok” and start Fallout 3.

User Info: Kubanator

9 years ago#16
Any other advice, I've tried all of it. The crashing generally doesn't start till I get to the Overlord. I can fight Radroaches just fine though.
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User Info: ShortCutToHell

9 years ago#17
I have AMD 64 3800+, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon X1950 PRO with 512MB, Audigy 2 and Windows XP up to date, the latest drivers for everything, and the game is crashing at a random interval of time. I heard that a patch will be released soon.

User Info: bshwalker

9 years ago#18
Best news I've heard so far.
Thanks to everyone that has offered suggestions!


User Info: ganon4447

9 years ago#19

User Info: DarkNinjaLink

9 years ago#20
It's a PC game. Wait for the (obvious) patch.
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