How to resurrect a missing Trader and their Caravan

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User Info: neoglitch1980

8 years ago#1
I was looking for an answer to this issue earlier and after some foot work came up with this resolution. I used the method found in Howfish's guide to resurrect Walter and researched the prid number for each character and their caravan... so laid out nicely so you don't have to look for yourself. Here's how to fix it!


1. Walk to a location where you usually meet the traders (this is done to make sure they're is resurrected in the right location)(ex: in front of megaton )

2. Enter the console by pressing the tilde key ~

3. Type: prid "character number" (press enter)
(ex: to select Crow type: prid 00063c05)

4. Type: moveto player (press enter)
(this spawns the NPC at your location)

5. And if the character is dead type: resurrect (press enter)

.... and just to be crystal... no quotation marks or brackets!

And here are their ID numbers!





User Info: Dibuks_Child

8 years ago#2
Your other topic wasn't good enough for you?

User Info: neoglitch1980

8 years ago#3
i figured that someone was going to do a search somewhere down the line and it would be found easier that way... but yeah, thanks for the ingratitude... nothing like spending time to help people just to have them talk smack...

User Info: SeaniaTwain

8 years ago#4
If you resurrect a trader, you can't invest in them at Canterburry Commons because Uncle Roe still thinks they are dead :(

User Info: FerretDruid

8 years ago#5
Interesting. I think all my traders are alive but their routes are broken and they never move. Crow has been outside of Megaton for (in-game) months and the only other one I've seen is the Doc running around by Evergreen Mills.
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User Info: neoglitch1980

8 years ago#6
well i wish i knew more about the canterberry commons thing... because thats why I needed to resurrect him in the first place.... maybe i"ll plunk away at it for a little longer later today... otherwise if anyone else comes up with a better solution feel free to add it...

(I really wish Bethesda just spent a little more time in QA to fix these silly issues....)

User Info: red255

8 years ago#7
well you could try SetEssential when you start the game for the traders, to prevent them from dying in the first place. just the trader, not the guards.

oh well thankies for the code.
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User Info: SuperShake666

8 years ago#8
The traders are actually important? I always just killed them and took their crap. I think I've killed 2 of'em so far.
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User Info: neoglitch1980

8 years ago#9
theyre a good way to cash in your items... i frequently run merchants out of caps... but more importantly the one i needed had a schematic i wanted...

User Info: neoglitch1980

8 years ago#10
if you wish to resurrect your trader at the location they died and do not know where that was use this command to teleport to them:

player.moveto <prid>
(no <> marks)

I suggest moving to their brahmin, and calling the trader and guard to the location of the brahmin... no specif reason might i add...

in addition... I've seen that there should be an extra step at the end... and I dont know why, but people are saying to type "enable" after the resurrect command and then sleep for 24 hours for things to be fully reset...

I've also seen people talking about the "resurrect 1" command... something to do with resurrecting someone that was gibbed.... for more info follow this link

More prid's

Andy Stahl: 00003b55
Billy Creel: 00003b5a
Confessor Cromwell: 00003b48
Harden Simms: 00003b45
Jenny Stahl: 00003b53
Jericho: 00003b5d
Leo Stahl: 00003b54
Lucas Simms: 00003b46
Lucy West: 00003b5b
Maggie: 00003b5c
Manya: 00003b58
Moriarty: 00003b3c
Mother Maya: 00003b49
Nathan: 00003b57
Walter: 00003b59
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