There must be a better way to kill Giant Radscorpions

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  3. There must be a better way to kill Giant Radscorpions

User Info: DesperateMonkey

8 years ago#11
Its weird because they actually DO seem to have eyes or a face because shooting them in the face in real time always nets me far more damage. But damn they are extremely difficult. Even at level 20, if I get a rad scorp sneak up on me, I am gonna waste a few stim packs and if I have 2... well just look for a hill to jump off of.

Of course its better than being surprised by a deathclaw ^^.

User Info: DJKABoom

8 years ago#12
Frag/Bottlecap mines, frag mines, minigun, rocket launcher or evan good old fisto always works.
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User Info: Rehevkor

8 years ago#13
Nuka Grenade!

Puts the "pop" in soda-pop.
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User Info: Leveler699

8 years ago#14
bottlecap mines

User Info: Yian Yan

Yian Yan
8 years ago#15
I kill monsterous Rad Scorpiuns with MY BARE HANDS!!!!1!!1
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User Info: Fadet0blak

8 years ago#16
I've found with my current skills...small guns is pretty high for level 6 and the radscorpions just shurg off the bullets. I would recommend trying explosives, since radscorpions have a melee-only attack, mines work excellent for me. Just through one in front of you and bait it to attack you. This works everytime for me. One or two mines later you have a dead radscorpion laying in front of you!

User Info: Radon_

8 years ago#17
You know the Dart Gun actually works against them too...

It's a bit weird because they should be immune to their own poison.
But after 1 shot from the Dart Gun they move quite a bit slower
They are rarely able to hit you then if you move backwards

So it's up to you which weapon you use to finish them off
Flamer seems to do it very well for me

User Info: Handel

8 years ago#18
Scorpions? Killing them is the easies thing ever. They die from the first hit - just target the tail (whatever the name was)
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User Info: CM8

8 years ago#19
I found them to be quite flammable - after Dart Gun-ing them to prevent them from closing entirely, the Flamer will charbroil them in about two-three seconds.

Of course this is probably because I lack The Terrible Shotgun or Plasma-level energy weapons.

User Info: dli2k3

8 years ago#20
I just use the terrible shotguns and shoot them in the head in real time. 1/2 times it gets a critical hit and takes off 3-4 bars and I keep walking back so they never catch me. Also, now that my sneak is almost 100, I sneak up on them with ninja perk and shishkebab (with flame +50% perk) and with 1 sneak attack + 3 regular attack in VATS, they're pretty much dead.
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  3. There must be a better way to kill Giant Radscorpions

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