Why is Colonel Autumn such a freaking idiot? *SPOILERS*

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  3. Why is Colonel Autumn such a freaking idiot? *SPOILERS*

User Info: Hikusaak

9 years ago#1
Yes it's another Hikusaak complains topic, feel free to comment on it, it's very amusing.


Going through Raven Rock again, I have to ask myself about this Colonel Autumn. Why is he so stupid?
According to President Eden, Autumn doesn't agree with his plan for genocide in the capitol wasteland aside from pure, mutation free humans.
And indeed it seems Autumn does want to start the Purifier without FEV. And in fact he does if you give him the code when he asks for it (and then shoots you dead, yay).

So basically, Autumn doesn't want to kill everyone, hence his schism with Eden.
Granted, he's still an evil tosser who shoots people for fun and obviously is seeking to become the grand high dictator of the wastes or something. But why does he have to be a complete dumbass about it?
For instance, what's his beef with you? From the moment Eden wants to meet you, Autumn wants to kill you (and as I said before, if you give him the code he kills you).
Why? Does it not even occur to him to get you to help him? Wouldn't the kid of the guy who built the damn machine he wants to use be handy?
Why is Eden the genocidal maniac willing to be buddies with you but not the guy who's merely power hungry when you have the same damn goal in the first place?

Typical of Bethesda's ham-fisted storytelling really. Either side with HitIer 9000 or be a saint.
Where's the grey area? As in, let's clean the water with the help of the despot who wants to take over.
Then again I still don't get how he planned to control the source of pure water if it was all cleaned at once.

And most importantly of all, why does such a brain dead hick like Autumn get such an awesome coat?
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User Info: warfreak

9 years ago#2
His coat was stolen. Happy?
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User Info: MegX

9 years ago#3
You forgot one: how did he come back to life after your father KILLS HIM?
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User Info: Galahaut

9 years ago#4
His brain was damaged by dying and coming back to life.
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User Info: Yakra88

9 years ago#5
When I saw him alive in Raven Rock, I was hoping my father was alive and captive too. ;_;
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User Info: Hikusaak

9 years ago#6
Autumn is clearly the Gary that got away.
Now I have this horrible thought of him coming back in Fallout 4. ~_~
The Hecker Effect
Because games are just too complicated for us gamers.

User Info: Colonel__Veers

9 years ago#7
He came back once, why not again?

In fact, lets just make him the soul enemy of Fallout 4!

We could have an army of him!

Kill a enclave trooper, take his helmet, and look! It's Colonel Autumn!
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User Info: mayatola

9 years ago#8
Yeah, I mean even Anna Holt (was that her name? one of the scientists with Dr. Li) or whoever was spared when she gave all the information regarding Project Purity. Of course, I stuck a live frag grenade in her pants, but that's beside the point. She survived, yet that jerk kills us if we cooperate? I'll have to agree with you on this one, he is a total douche.
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User Info: FlameBoy_sim

9 years ago#9
And he carries around a kick-ass gun. Ever loot his body? I thought I saw it have like 74 damage. I was like "Hell yeah, I get to use this now"

Then the game ended...

And I was sad
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User Info: dragonx500

9 years ago#10
Colonel Autumn didn't die. If you look closely during "The Waters of Life" he jabs himself with a needle seconds before collapsing, mostly likely Rad-X, which allowed him to survive the radiation but only get knocked unconcious.

Your probably wondering "WELL THEN WHEY DIDNT MY RAD X WORK AT TEH ENDZ!!"!"!11!one!"

The only answer i can think of is that when you do it, the place is going to explode, so the radiation must be alot worse. I also think even Fawkes would have died if he went in, but Charon could have done it. I think Fawkes was just being cowardly. Lets think about it. He spends most of his life in vault 87 and he is expected to risk his life after a few days of freedom? No. There is no excuse for why Charon couldn't do it however.

So now that i have solved the colonel autumn death plot hole, its time to move onto another one that i cannot solve.\

James didnt have to kill himself. It was just Autumn and 2 enclave soldiers in that chamber. I could have easily raped all 3 of them if they just let me enter the chamber (Li was outside at the controls and could have opened the door). James is capable of killing at least 2 of the 3 targets on his own as well. The suicide was totally useless, he didn't have to die. My guess is that they ran out of money to give to Liam Neeson, so they had to kill him off (they also killed Liam Neeson). If anyone can tackle this plot hole, thanks!
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  3. Why is Colonel Autumn such a freaking idiot? *SPOILERS*

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