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User Info: SaintOfHate

9 years ago#1
I've been trying to find a soltion to this but it seems everyone but me has vista. For the record I'm running XP with SP 3.

The music on GNR is stuttering. It's not static or the sound you would get from a vinyl record. It's stuttering or skipping like you would get on a craptastic cd player. Its driving me insane since I love the songs being played. If anyone knows of a way to fix this without doing something that has a chance of screwing up my computer, please tell me.
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User Info: Wildkatt

9 years ago#2
I have the same problem, I thought it was static at first until I removed the "Real" static via a mod. Three-dog comes in crystal clear, but the music itself sounds like I am underwater.
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User Info: SaintOfHate

9 years ago#3
I added the mod too but that stuttering is so annoying! I hate being one of the non sheep not having vista.
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User Info: Eket1985

9 years ago#4
Three things you could try:

1 - If you have ffdshow installed on your computer, try the suggestion i posted in this thread:

2 - Update your soundcard drivers.

3 - Edit the fallout.ini file located in mydocuments->mygames->fallout:
(make a backup of the file first)

make sure the following values are set like this:

Default Values for the following entries should be:

try doubling those, and see if that fixes your problem. I've read somewhere that changing those values can yield good results.

User Info: TastyCorpse

9 years ago#5
I did get better results from the above advice, especially doubling the iAudioCacheSize. However, my stutter problem was corrected after doing a few additional fixes. I doubt this will work with everyone who may have Windows Vista, and a standard audio motherboard sound chip like Realtek, such as me. But when all else fails, you can try these, and they are easy to remove if they don't work.

First, I had to remove Arcsoft codecs, a picture and audio software that comes with some pc and video cameras, as it was is causing serious problems with it's codecs. It would no allow me to hear music. ANY music. To disable it (in order to test which Arcsoft codecs were causing the problems), I downloaded a program called InstalledCodec at
I installed ver. v1.05, disabled the Arcsoft codecs ( Hold shift, click on each one, then right click and select Disable) This is a good way to test it to see if it, or any other codec, may be causing the problem without actually removing the program.
I eventually removed Arcsoft after realizing I don't use the program often, and I'd rather play F3. My version of Arcsoft, unfortunately, did not have an uninstall, so I had to forcefully remove the program by using tools such as Unlocker and Uninstaller. Pain in the arse.

Next, I downloaded a DirectShow filter called MADFilter v and added that in. This I got from The Bethseda forums, and they go more into detail right here:
What this does is offer you a different, and working sound filter then the one you may have, as it has a higher priority then some other audio ones. However, I didn't have to do half of the stuff they stated here with the MadFilter, all I did was install it. So you may want to try the basics first before adjusting everything they say all at once! One at a time, test, and be patient.

The MadFilter can be obtained at

I'll continue on my next message, since I got the "message too long" warning...

User Info: TastyCorpse

9 years ago#6

Finally, and this one is very important, I had to do some gentle caressing with the AC3filter. If you don't have AC3, get it, especially if you have Vista and still get stuttering, popping noises from your music in the game.
Get it from
This directshow filter, simply takes over some other digital formats, if you let it, but more importantly, will allow a Vista user to choose the Filter Merit and Default Audio Render options, so that adjustments can be made to test for the problem. If you use Windows XP, don't let this stop you from using it, either, since you may have downloaded some program that messed with these options. I'm sure there is more technical reasons for this, but let's keep it simple.

Open up the AC3Filter Config, (search for it if you don't see it) then once you have it open, go up to the tab marked System. There, you will see the Filter Merit. If you have "Prefer Ac3filter" and get stutters in the game, select Prefer Other Decoder. Test it.

If it still stutters, or does something else strange, open up the Ac3 config again, go back to the System tab, and underneath the "Default Audio Renderer" select the opposite of what you have. So if you have Use Direct Sound by default selected, then select Use Wave Out by Default, instead. I had to use Use Direct Sound, but I have seen that other folks need to check use Wave Out, probably because they have another audio program that is manipulating the way the sound would work by default.

You may need to go back in forth to these options and select which tab selection combination preforms better for you.

Finally, if you still get audio issues after all this, you have to ask yourself if there is a program in your computer which is causing all of this. Anything that changes the way that your audio works, whether it be, say, an emulator, which requires some bizarre codecs to work, or an elaborate music program, which most likely has an options to turn off it's options, may be the source of the issues.

Although I can't fully fault Bethesda for these issues, it would have been great if their audio department had developed an option to utilize a different way to make the audio work. I would even have been happy with a "lower quality" sound that uses standard mp3 formats to play the sounds.

Hope this helps someone out there.
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