Most useless/useful perks

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User Info: DSC

9 years ago#1
Cannibal - Stimpacks are plentiful
Computer Whiz / Infiltrator - You can simply quick save / load before an attempt..
Fortune Finder / scrounger - Caps are plentiful, which makes ammo easily affordable. Majority of my caps come from selling loot anyway, not from containers.
Here and Now / Swift Learner - the level cap is too low for this to be useful
Lead Belly - How often do you drink water?
Nerd Rage - If you go under 20%.. you're probably screwed, or you need to heal quickly
Everything that adds a total of 10 skill points - since there's plenty of perks that give 15 skill points

Most useful:
Educated - Gives you a total of 48 skill points (assuming you take it at 4 when you're supposed to)
Comprehension - Gives you tons of skill points, even if you're not specifically looking for books you'll probably find enough to make this worthwhile
Cyborg - gives 10 skill points and significant resistances
Action boy - more shots
gunslinger / commando - more accuracy, choose whichever one is for the weapons you use

User Info: chainsawhands

9 years ago#2
Contract Killer - How many "good" enemies do you even run into? Lawbringer is less useless but hardly useful.
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User Info: opfer_gv

9 years ago#3
Cannibal is fun.. useful to lower Karma when does not want to kill some good people.
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User Info: DSC

9 years ago#4
Well, contract killer / lawbringer might have some use for someone who's trying to get specific karma.. but yeah, there's enough opportunities to do that, so those perks suck.

I think for contract killer, you prob need to kill non-hostiles to get the ears.

User Info: VoodooTiger

9 years ago#5
Yeah, Lawbringer/Contract Killer are useless. The money sucks, and if you need the karma, you can just give water to beggars, or go nuts stealing. Clean out a shop, run away for 3 days, come back and they have forgiven you.

User Info: Jonny2284

9 years ago#6
Lawbringer is kinda worth it since pretty much everyone you'll kill is a target, Contract killer is useless unless you're a "ARRRRRRGGHHHHHH NO I DON'T CARE YOU NEED TO FIND A VIOLIN AND NOW I'M GONNA KILL YOU FOR ASKING YAAAAAAAGGGGH" type.

Black Widow/the male equivilent that's name escapes me right now, less so Black Widow since there are a few useful places for it but the male version os useless.
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User Info: PhatoseAlpha

9 years ago#7
Pyromaniac is pretty darned useful. There are fire weapons in 3 of the 5 weapon types, and 50% is a huge damage bonus.

User Info: VoodooTiger

9 years ago#8
Consider too, that lady killer increase your damage against females. And, I don't know about you, but I run into a lot of female raiders. Keep in mind also, that the only other real choice for 2-3 is intense training, which is marginal itself. If you plan ahead for your perks, the only use you will get from Intense Training is maybe some extra str for carrying.

User Info: MudShadow

9 years ago#9
Going to have to disagree with Nerd Rage. At least on very hard difficulty, I usually leave my health at under 20% for the DR and extra strength.

Also if you have a character with low strength then and you want to carry loads of gear back to town to sell or store. Then you simply have to get your health under 20% and you will get 250 weight allowance.

User Info: VoodooTiger

9 years ago#10
Oh, and I know Cyborg is on the list, but if you take it, Toughness, and get the Bark Skin trait, that's a natural 25 DR. Couple that with the 60 from full T-51b, and you it the cap, 85.

So, Toughness should be considered one of the most useful also. Cyborg might be better on it's own, but you get Toughness much sooner.
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