Fallout 3 crashing

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User Info: Phaild

9 years ago#1
I recently installed FO3 but I haven't got a chance to play due this weird bug. When I try to start a new game, then game crashes while it's loading. I googled something like this:
Game crashing when ”New Game” is pressed in the main menu (related to ffdshow - adding fallout3.exe to the exception list off directshow audio/video apparently fixes this, but still remains an issue with others).

But that doesn't really solve my problem, since I don't think I have ffdshow, or whatever. Or at least I don't know where I could access those options.

My specs are: E6750 (dual core, 2,66 GHz), 8600GT and 2 gigs RAM.

User Info: VoodooTiger

9 years ago#2
You'd probably be better off running a dxdiag and posting it on the official forums. You could try searching this forum, but I don't remember seeing anyone with that problem. I had to get the patch, then update my drivers, and I've been running smooth since then. But, I had random CTDs, not when trying to start a new game.

User Info: TimeBreak

9 years ago#3
This is from TheReaper2491:

"w00t w00t! I found a guaranteed fix that should work for all XP users. I wouldn't know about Vista users.

First, download and install the latest version of FFDShow:

Now, go to: Start Menu --> All Programs --> FFDShow --> Video decoder configuration

Go to "DirectShow control" on the left. Check "Don't use FFDShow in", and click "Edit", then click "Add".

Find your Fallout 3 folder, and choose "Fallout3.exe". Now simply click "OK".

The game should work properly then.

Note that not installing FFDS at all (or having an old version, like I was) will NOT work. You need to install a new version of FFDS and then add Fallout3.exe to exceptions. Don't ask me why."


I don't understand what you're saying but that post also says about ffdshow so I hope that helps.
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User Info: Phaild

9 years ago#4
I fixed the problem. It had nothing to do with ffdshow tho. I simply disabled Geforce PhysX

Start Menu > Nvidia Corporation - Nvidia PhysX Properties > Settings > No Acceleration
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