Charon or Fawkes

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User Info: Athosthedarkone

8 years ago#1
I've had Charon for a while now but I've never used him once because of the awesome companion that is Fawkes. I accidentally walked right into Old Olney In search of the music vault. Heck, I even fell into a hole and had to deal with all those deathclaws without a dartgun. Luckily, Fawkes was there to save me; without him (I refuse to call him a her) and laser gatling, those deathclaws would have killed me for sure.

So is Charon worth it? I think I'm going to try him anyways since I haven't died once since Fawkes joined me.

User Info: AnimeJet_V2

8 years ago#2
Personally for me, Charon seems to have the best AI. I don't know if it's true, but it's just what i experienced. Both fawkes and paladin cross (even on long range AI) will constantly get in my way, while Charon somehow always kills crap with his shot gun from far away o_o
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User Info: graffffffffik

8 years ago#3
Charon = can use weapons of varying types, and virtually any armor in game.
also he can sneak and hold items

Fawkes, only uses Gatling laser as far as I know and it's not really that powerful or accurate

and he's rather slow, and I don't think he ever sneaks kinda like having a bull going around with you if you want to sneak you have to have him sit it out far away from you.
I don't think Fawkes can use any armor but hes immune to all radiation

you can give Charon enclave, or power armor, he'll live longer than Fawkes with it

ahh just my 2 cents

however I think both will stay with you regardless of alignment, unlike that hoity toity brotherhood chick.
dogmeat as well usually stays with you regardless of alignment but only has teeth as weapons

User Info: Sickle_Wolf

8 years ago#4
Jericho and Charon are my brothers of metal

User Info: Athosthedarkone

8 years ago#5
See...I don't think Fawkes will die for me. That Brotherhood of Steel lady died to like 1 deathclaw. Fawkes killed like 5 of them by himself (I really couldn't do that much damage to them).

User Info: fox master xx

fox master xx
8 years ago#6
I can't honestly belive anyone wouldn't choose Fawkes. He can take two nukes to the face and live. He's the only one you don't need to babysit.
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User Info: Duckboy

8 years ago#7
Fawkes tanks everything. i just go pew pew
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User Info: TacoTheSmurf

8 years ago#8
the only one that I've never had to baybsit(before I started setting them to essential) was Charon. He also helped me out by saying if there are hostiles in the area and his combat shottie is more useful for me because I like to use melee.
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User Info: FlyinBrian

8 years ago#9
Charon is probably a better killer than Fawkes (his shotty just tears **** up!) but nothing beats Fawkes durability. Charon in power armor can take a pounding, but he's deathclaw food pretty easily. He tends to wander off and die during big battles too.

overall, they are the two best companions, but Fawkes is all around better.

companion run-down:

Jericho: meh, not much going on here. if you're evil he'll probably end up nuked

Clover: a lesser version of Charon. pretty good with her sword, but the sawed off is pretty inferior to Charon's combat shotty. must be why she's always whining for a better gun

Cross: better equiped than the other human allies, but still not as awesome as Charon and no reason to use her over Fawkes

Robot (forgot his number): good tank, draws fire like a pro but don't expect him to drop enemies. his plasma bolts and flamer attacks are surprisingly weak

Charon: the best of the equipable allies. his shotty makes stuff DIE and with a good suit of armor he's well defended. If you can't get Fawkes get Charon ASAP (hell, use Charon till you get Fawkes)

Fawkes: a one man/woman/other wrecking crew. this guy eats mini-nukes for breakfast and craps laser beams. Not much less than Liberty Prime could take out Fawkes. His laser spray is better for distraction than actual killing, but he takes any punishment like a champ and that's the main use of a companion
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User Info: ranmafan

8 years ago#10
I like Charon more because he doesn't get stuck as often, and you can give him any number of equipment and weapons, all of which he is effective at. And yes, like the above said, he can sneak. Fawkes is good, but requires you to play through a good part of the main game to get first, plus she's not very subtle.

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