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SysWindowCompileAndRun error

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User Info: AkhilWolf93

8 years ago#1
I put in cheats in the console, and all it comes up with is an error, something along the lines of:

"Script: Script 'SysWindowCompileAndRun', line 1:
Missing parameter Count.
Compiled script not saved!"

Can anyone help me fix this? It happens with everything. I really want to get all the map markers, that's all I need badly. There're some other things I'd like, but the map is all I NEED. Can anyone help, at all? Please?

User Info: Darksaber310

8 years ago#2
When it tells you you're missing a parameter count, it means it needs a number attached to the script that you're not giving.
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User Info: Darkxwolf9113

8 years ago#3
You need to specify how many of said items you want/
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