Mysterious Stranger Perk and experience

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User Info: RandomFad

6 years ago#1
I've just gotten this perk and I've noticed that if I miss and he shows up and annihilates whoever I'm targeting, that I don't get any experience from it (I assume because I haven't done more than 50% of the damage). Do I just have to live with it if I miss or is there something I can do about it?

User Info: Shaidon

6 years ago#2
How often you miss and he "steal" you kill? =D
Don't bother with it, you don't need to level fast anyway.
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User Info: red255

6 years ago#3
In FWE on the default XP setting, getting to level 30 takes a very long time.

which is a pain if you are planning on using almost perfect for some reason to finalize your guy. but otherwise unnessary.
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User Info: ZirePhoenix

6 years ago#4
Just fast travel between couple places and kill the respawning guys.
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