Boss battles (spoilers)

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User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#1
omg what is with the boss battles in this game!! Seriously im getting KILLED like every boss fight. Im currently in the white orphanage, and im fighting miscreation. I thought that id be ok, considering i did some leveling before hand in order to get some nice PS's. Im currently at level 15, with the best buyable equipment, everyone has a badge (thief, knight, gunstar, bronze moon), and all my characters have HP in the 2000-2500 range.

first move of battle was his, and he killed jude in one hit (2500 damage), i immediately revived him, then started with slow down, then shut out. I then had raquel attack him, he countered with 2500+ damage and killed her, then he had another turn right after and killed jude again, even though jude was 2 hex's away. Whats going on?

im usually pretty good at games that require strategic setups, but im at a loss here, i dont know what else to do, i read splits guide and followed it exactly, but he recommends Jude to phantom line, which is pointless cause he'll get killed on counterattacks anyways.

i just finished WA3 an i thought that game was VERY easy, even WITHOUT valiant and finest arts

get someone give a girl some advice

User Info: gildedtalon

5 years ago#2
You can't expect everyone alive by the end of the battle
Lu Bu: "Are there no more who can challenge me?"
Yuan Shao: "We can't afford to waste soldiers. Take an indirect approach"

User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#3
is there a boss faq out there that indicates the "attacks" used by the boss? Splits guide has the names of the attacks, but as for whether they are physical or magical it doesnt say. And if they are magical, then what type of magic would it be (fire, wind, etc)?

About the bosses magic attacks, is the element completely determined by what hex the boss is in? For Example:

if i "shut out" the boss on a clear hex, then will the bosses magic attacks be non-elemental?

if i "shut out" the boss on a fire hex, then will the bosses magic attacks be fire elemental?

User Info: m_robbins

5 years ago#4
I think 15 is a low level for that point of the game I'm not sure though it's been a while since I've played.
You could also try using less skill points on your characters since using them reduces HP.

User Info: FreeBardWren

5 years ago#5
Most bosses will use elemental attacks even from non-elemental hexes. However, when using an elemental attack from a hex of the corresponding element or the opposing element, there is a damage multiplier (1.5x before defense I believe). In addition, if the target is in the hex of the corresponding element, they will take less damage (0.75x before defense is calculated in). If the target is in the hex of the opposing element, they will take more damage.

So basically if a boss is hitting you with elemental attacks, try to take over the corresponding elemental hex so it won't get that damage boost and you'll resist the damage. Just don't put everyone there since the boss will hit everyone at once, and that's no good.

Miscreation starts on a wind hex, doesn't he? There are two ways you can go about this. First, is to try and get him off the hex and stick someone on there. That character will take extra damage from Stone Bullet but it should be less than what his Stone Bullets would do while he's on the hex. Second is to hit him with earth elemental attacks (such as gems, try to get on the earth hex if there is one for another boost!) since he'll take more damage from them due to being on the wind hex.

Also, he doesn't counter 100% of the time, so you can still get some hits in there. Just be careful.

Finally, not a FAQ, but if you want more data on bosses, you can try this:,198.msg82202.html#msg82202 . That should list all the boss's attacks, what elements they are, and damage approximations. Do note that there are spoilers there, so if you mind that, don't check it.

User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#6
awesome, thank you i didnt know about the damage bonuses from the hexes, that will make my fights easier since i can incorporate that into the strategy.

A little off topic, but regarding the badges, i just noticed that the Muse amulet i obtained recently says the following:

"reduces damage from water elemental attacks. Adds to ley point effects"

i understand the first part, but what do they mean about adding to ley point effects?

i assumed it meant the following:

Ex I have the muse amulet equipped and im standing in a water hex, the enemy casts water elemental magic on me..............damage is reduced to 0.75x BUT its ALSO reduced because of the muse amulet. In other words the damage would be <0.75x. Am i on the right track?

User Info: ARMs7777

5 years ago#7
yeah that is correct. To survive ragu's 1 trillion degree attack you would need to be in the hex and have a badge to survive i think.

You shouldn't play with a faq as your first time. The bosses in the game is more of a puzzle then an all out fight. Usually you'll die from a boss because you have to figure out how to damage them or not get killed by them. Once you figure it out they're so easy it'll feel like your fighting in some random battles.

User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#8
ARMs7777 posted...

You shouldn't play with a faq as your first time.

haha, i know ALOT of people dont use guides, but im the type of girl who gets frustrated to no end, and on top of that, im obsessed with getting every chest/item. So not knowing if i have EVERY item on any particular screen would drive me crazy. Ive played some 60-70 rpgs and for EVERY SINGLE ONE, i will check gamefaqs for a walkthrough. I have also, at times, elected to NOT PURCHASE a game simply because either i didnt think the walkthroughs were good at explaining things, i didnt like the outline of the walkthrough (readablility), or they just were not complete guides.

i understand what you are saying though about not using a guide for boss battles, but in this game imparticular, save points usually come AFTER the boss battle, in other words some 30-40 minutes into the dungeon, so there is no chance i would risk not using a guide on the bosses, since i wouldnt want to accidentally die and have to start the dungeon over again.

I miss WA3's gimmel coins :(

but to be honest, i absolutely LOVE the battle system

User Info: FreeBardWren

5 years ago#9
A Muse Amulet (and all the similar elemental resist badges) reduce the damage you take from that element by 25%, same as sitting in the ley point. If you are wearing a Muse Amulet and in a ley point, the damage you take will be reduced by 50%. Do note that this is still calculated before defense, so you'll usually take way less than 50% damage.

And yes, you can stack these badges on top of one another. Equipping three Muse Amulets and standing in a water ley point will make you immune to water damage.

Also, if you lose a boss battle, you can just retry it right then and there. You don't need to go through the dungeon again.

User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#10
FreeBardWren posted...

Also, if you lose a boss battle, you can just retry it right then and there. You don't need to go through the dungeon again.

oh really? i didnt know, thats a relief, i only got wiped out on a boss once so far and i was so angry that i just hard reset my ps2 right away, dont ask why, i always do that when i die, unless of course i know before hand of situations like you mentioned above. thanks

on a side note, i noticed that regardless of boss enemies or regular enemies, stone bullet seems to take off quite a chunk of HP from me. Why does this spell seem to be so powerful?

also why does it say "doesnt have anything" when i try to steal from the Betelgeuse?? And no i didnt steal from them already, its the first move of the fight for jude, i mean i can understand a "couldnt steal", but the enemy clearly has item to steal? If it matters he was on a water hex, but i dont think that has anything to do with it.
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