whats your favorite hero class/race combo

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User Info: monsteratomic

9 years ago#21
Dark Elves can buy thralls to fill the mines, but you don't get the ability to do so until late in the upgrading.
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User Info: TheReaper2491

9 years ago#22
Dark Elf Assassin. Extremely overpowered, IMO.
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User Info: SwordmasterXIII

9 years ago#23
The most powerful combinations (and my favourite) is Undead Archmage, Empire Death Knight, SSrathi Lichelord, Orc\Minotaur assasin, Elf Elementalist, Daemon Merchant, Knight Necro\Summoner and Dwarven Tinker.
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User Info: BigDaddyJ8702

9 years ago#24
Undead Necromancer

Necromancy spells aren't that great unless you are the undead, but when you are, you are pretty much unstoppable.

User Info: JazzVoid

9 years ago#25

Daemon Deathknight

Pyromancy - for defencive spells (healing, lvl up)Necromancy - summon some minions - make a quick little army in beginning, making a support in attack ;) Also, Strip Flesh - very usefulFerocity, Regeneration, Manslayer, Smite Good, Invulnerability - no comments. Just have an Orb Of Godly Power (+200 HP), and fast attack speed. Good for close combat.Chaos Magic - Transmute Resources, support in battle

So - a close combat unit at all. Summoning some undead men, make an overrun, supporting undead units with healing spells.

User Info: Tie_Interceptor

9 years ago#26
I have a lvl 217 dark elf warrior
- All the goodness of a warrior with the high speed and 100% assassination can kill anything super fast
- I think the highest lvl is 250
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User Info: Dick2k

9 years ago#27
Highelf Necromancer ftw. gotta love to be able to stuff mines with em ^^.
But my fav atm is Undead deathknigt. Haven't played for about 2 years "started up 2 days ago again" and i think Undead paladin or something was better. Or was it swarm.. Hmm
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User Info: Bloodly

9 years ago#28
Can't say I'm so experienced, but...

Minotaur/Healer seems almost ideal for the budding fighter/mage.

Hear me out on this.

Minotaurs as a race are very tough(Especially with the Training upgrade-they'll start at Level 3, with health close to the 100 mark), and are likely to survive more often than not, though likely with hefty wounds. Animals are not so reliable as healing, especially in the field, and don't heal so much, though the curing of effects is nice.

Enter Heal Group, Cure, and all the good stuff that comes with the healing school.

Elcor's Balm means even a Level 1 Heal Self/Heal Group can give significant health back. Not that a 'normal' Heal Self/Heal Group is that bad-the base healing is 50, and levelling them adds 50 points per level. Ritual can help counter your equipment if need be.(+5% to cast chance per level is better than INT, though INT helps with Mana and it's regen as well.)

Minotaurs have Ferocity(+ to combat score) and Mighty Blow(+to damage)as racial skills, so once you've taken sufficient healing spells for your purposes, you can STILL turn him into a decent/great fighter-leading the charge and being very annoying as he and his men just keep on going.
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User Info: Bloodly

9 years ago#29
On the plus side, criticals and cleaves are the only way a skeleton is going to kill someone mid-late game so its good for necros.

...You know what would be interesting?

Knight Warrior, so-so strength(Hard to say, you know? It's important, but in this case...), MASSIVE Dex(As fast an attack speed as possible), pumped-up Weaponmaster(+ to Crit Rate-something like 2-3% extra chance per point, and the combo listed has it avalible from level 1) and maybe some equip to push crit rate further or have added effects(Is there anyway to get things like 'freeze' or 'Burn' on crits? Is it dependant on the damage types you're dishing out?)

Would really screw up people's days.
"I'm a Paladin. Preying on the weakminded is what I do."-Sashanan.

User Info: Corpse_Milk_Man

9 years ago#30
1. Great, but it's pretty pointless to have all those higher level heroes because nobody will play your damn 200+level assassins in Multiplayer - the real WBCIII.
2. Dark elves can stuff their mines with zombies early on even if you can't summon them - sorcerors summon that stuff.
3. My favorite is my level 34 empire merchant - cheap everything. It can't stand up to a level 207 dark elven warrior but I can't give a crap about those. Might as well play a hero duel.
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