SIREN for PS4 hinted at. It better be SIREN 3

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User Info: xenosaga123

3 years ago#1
They better not westernize it nor dumb it down like Blood Curse. It should be pure Japanese cast like Siren (PS2) and Siren 2. It should be a proper Siren 3 with at least 10 playable characters linked into the story. Survival horror is much more interesting with almost a dozen character perspectives, instead of just 1 or 6. Siren 1 and 2 had the best format to organize the timeline and each character's events, made everything feel less linear while being deeper and broader in scope.

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
3 years ago#2
Nice! I don't know if I'm even getting a PS4 in the near future, but I'm glad they're not ignoring the Siren series if that's true.

Hopefully this means we'll see Siren 2 on PSN as well.
And this time!

User Info: xenosaga123

3 years ago#3
Yea SIREN deserves more hype and praise.

A lot of mainstreamers overlook it due to its
high difficulty,
complex progression,
and European voice overs (which are easy to get used to and take seriously, but a lot of people are too nitpicky for their own good. )

but SIREN is a genius masterpiece created by the creator of Silent Hill 1 (which was in fact the scariest and darkest of the whole series.)
and SIREN 2 improved things further (like English and Japanese VA with subtitles option, difficulty settings, better controls, being able to pick up enemy weapons, improved graphics, etc.)

but even the original SIREN 1 is scarier and in some ways better than SIREN 2.

SIREN also has the GREATEST cast of characters in a survival horror game. 10 unique playable characters
each with their own believable personality, mannerisms and interaction with other characters.
There's no other survival horror series with this level of genuine fear and scripting for the characters.
(compare that to overrated so called survival horror games like the Resident Evil series, especially 4, which are pretty much James Bond ripoffs. not to mention RE's bad habit of reusing characters, which makes them feel more like action heroes each time. )

Even Fatal Frame series is not nearly as dark considering every Fatal Frame has that "light at the end of the tunnel" which most merciful survival horror games have.

SIREN redefines dark story. We're talking like Blizzard North's Diablo 1 level of dark (even darker).

Especially starting fresh from the get go, all the characters involved have uncertain results (yea, you could probably say there are 1 or 2 obvious survivors, but the journey itself shows this isn't a walk in the park,
and even surviving is not the same thing as escaping. )

but SIREN really is underrated and has made lots of breakthroughs in

*art direction (the most photorealistic characters in a survival horror series. Even with the dated PS2 tech, they make Fatal Frame, Silent Hill and Resident Evil characters look like cartoons. )

*challenge (intense stealth gameplay that is both rewarding and fair. Plus the puzzles are more natural and fitting than most survival horror puzzles.)

*perspective (at least 10 playable characters to experience the horror, with a lot more relevant characters adding more depth to the world and circumstances. )

*progression (the timeline chart is both deep and organized, being a puzzle in itself. )

*archives (multitude of resources that shed more light on the characters as well as the lore.)

*gameplay (the most realistic feeling weapons in a survival horror game. 1st person mode, 3rd person mode, the action command system to trigger more complex specific actions. the timing based melee combat. It really provides a more expansive set of actions than most survival horror games. )

* the level design (each location feels like an open world in itself. With its own mysteries. Plus the
actions of one character could affect an enviornment for another character at a later point in time.

* the atmosphere (the darkest most horror filled atmosphere ever created in a videogame.)

User Info: xenosaga123

3 years ago#4
* the story (the most fascinating scenario and characters ever designed in survival horror. Breaking the mold from other survival horror games that concentrate too much on western locations/characters. It's great and refreshing having a survival horror series that has more realistic and authentic all asian cast of characters in a genuine asian location. )

* the characters (totally human characters that have the most believable expression of human emotions and
human interaction. They are not action heroes, they are not all packing a gun, and they each have interesting personalities. )

* the enemies (the scariest enemies ever that change and become even more gruesome, relentless and dangerous. )

* sightjack (a useful and scary ability that makes it possible to use stealth and survival at peak levels.)

* sense of survival (the inventory system and everything is designed so well that it encourages players to
think outside the usual run and gunning attitude, while being more aware of the enviornment and whatever tools they can use.)

* the fear (the necessity to use stealth, and the threat level that the enemies provide, brings a
deeper level of fear, than other horror games where players can just soak up damage like it's nothing.
The sense of danger is much more profound in SIREN than any other. Even locking doors does not guarantee your safety, and "killing" an enemy only keeps them down temporarily. Whereas other survival horror games, you can clear an area of enemies and feel safe, in SIREN there is always danger everywhere. )
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  3. SIREN for PS4 hinted at. It better be SIREN 3

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