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User Info: GreatMushrooms

3 years ago#1
Uhh, so is this board still alive or have you all turned into shibitos

I got the game on PSN and just finished it yesterday. I'm very happy that I've played this game, it's an awesome experience despite the numerous rage quit moments :D


Anyway, am I the only one completely not sold on Shiro's efforts for redemption, especially right after killing his brother? It just seemed so random and out of character for some reason.

So he kills him out of jealousy and sets off because there's 'something he has to do'. If he simply wants to do the right thing, then there's really no need to get rid of Kei. I think it's established that Shiro's got issues and the events of the game allowed him to act on his psychopathic whims.

IMO it's more sensible that he 'sacrificed' himself not out of real remorse, but because he took on the role of Kei, who is a kind-hearted person. So it's just part of his wish fulfillment to be the person that Kei was and not a sincere act of selflessness.

I'm aware that there's this Siren Maniac or whatever that supplies much of the backstories of the characters so I'm probably missing some important points. But I'm still really not convinced of Shiro's last minute change. Thoughts?

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