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User Info: quickbeam

8 years ago#1
I don't even have Xbox Live, but love experimenting with new arsenals and am looking for ideas to try out. In any case, here is my favorite for some of you to try (or, at least, here is the most of the arsenal I can actually remember . . .).

Vaccuum Slash x3
Meteor x2
Psycho Spear x2
Fang of Tree x2
Thunder Storm x2
Memory of Battle x2
Glacial Wall x2
Wall of Fire
Psychic Wall
Power Shell

Works really really well. I have also experimented with a close range deck based on Dance of Death and a number of short range Ki skills, a medium range deck based on Scar of Battles and various piece skills, and, of course, a low-aura cost deck consisting mostly of long range optical skills and heat. What I'd really like to try is a deck involving a combination of Twister and low-cost, high-speed, high-accuracy skills (probably Faith projectile attacks) to knock them out of the air, or at least get them to block so I can for sure hit them with a twister.
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