FFX-2 Int+LM patch released

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User Info: randomgenerator

4 years ago#91
Cell240sx posted...
Intro video is badly interlaced.

Whenever a FMV starts, hit F9 to switch to software mode, and when it ends, F9 again to switch back to hardware mode.
Good Job SE!! You do well good at making things! - marko7

User Info: Hopuk

4 years ago#92
Thank you so much for this patch pbirdman!

Cell240sx posted...
Patched using Windows 7 64 bit. Running in Pcsx2 r4600 build.

Start new game, load new game is in jap. Im sure thats the way its supposed to be. Intro video is badly interlaced. English txt in video is over top jap txts. Im sure this is a Pcsx2 problem. If anyone has any Pcsx2 setttings suggestions, let me know.

First battle is fully translated for me and looks great.

Press f9 to switch between hardware and software mode, this fixes cutscenes.
Is this the thread we report bugs or translation errors?
I think in config menu, cursor tab, memory and default are swapped.
So default is actually memory mode and other way around.

User Info: harpiegirlx3

4 years ago#93
Ok, so using I'm playing on pcsx2 and I get an error everytime I try to use the Festival Goer dress-sphere in battle. I haven't tried equipping it a monster, but I think it would still give the error. I haven't gotten the 2nd new dress-sphere yet, but it's likely that one'll give an error too. Maybe not, we'll see soon enough.

If someone else could let me know if they have an error with either of the new dress-spheres, that would be great. It would suck if it was just an isolated incident.

User Info: Cell240sx

4 years ago#94
Thanks for the video tips.

Here are some pics so far:


Check the location in bottom of menu here:



User Info: Karifean

4 years ago#95
It always says pbirdman FFX-2 Int patch, that's intentional.

I've been playing this on my PS2 the past hour or so and it works pretty well. I could imagine someone with high expectations getting this and being a little disappointed at the quantity of kana that is left, but I find it amazing how much is readable and understandable. I really appreciate the time and effort put into this and am very pleased with the end result.
Anyways, one issue: in the Config menu, the settings for Cursor are reversed - on Memory, it goes back to Default on every turn, on Default, it remembers where the cursor was.
Other than that, a few typos here and there (such as Elixir spelled Elixer on Mt. Gagazet, Regular Cup is Reguler Cup) but overall, it's pretty solid. It's amazingly helpful to understand what the abilities do, have the enemy names in readable Latin letters and - what's really useful - know how DSPs and GGs affect monsters.

Really awesome patch!

User Info: Cell240sx

4 years ago#96
Im in no way complaining. Its very nice and functional to play. Im very thankfull. Thank you Pbirdman!

User Info: theonedangerous

4 years ago#97
Also problem with Festival Goer dress sphere for me - but it only seems to be Yuna it doesn't work for, R&P work fine with it. Black screen and no response upon starting battle with it equipped.

Occasionally get the error message:

CH Data Read Sync

c533 does not read. (can't sync)

with the crash if that's any help! :)
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User Info: natedogg13465

4 years ago#98
i got same error when using festival goer.


CH Data Read Sync

c533 does not read. (can't sync)

the patcher works great on win 7 64 bit.

User Info: SCPH-18000

4 years ago#99
I was thrilled to see this patch complete and my thanks to you, and FALO for the great patcher. And so I patched the iso with ease but it didn't work on PS2 hardware/HDLoader, which was strange because the unpatched iso of the game works fine in HDLoader.

User Info: SCPH-18000

4 years ago#100
Any help to fix this would be much appreciated. Please it would mean alot to me.

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