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how do you catch eevee?

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  3. how do you catch eevee?

User Info: vanjewel09

9 years ago#1
is she just in the wild or do you have todo something?
why evolve eevee? she can't become any cuter!

User Info: PIKA740

9 years ago#2
Oh my God...
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
9 years ago#3
you don't.

eevee can be found in the room at the top of the celadon mansion (use the back entrance).

BTW, eevee only has a 12.5 (1/8) chance of being female.
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User Info: DarqueLegion

9 years ago#4
Obvious troll is obvious
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  3. how do you catch eevee?

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