squirtle or mudkip

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User Info: Tariq90210

8 years ago#1
Ok, i'm playing fire red 386, and I caught a mudkip, but I can also catch a squirtle. Which one would be better to level up?
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User Info: kirbymuncher

8 years ago#2
It really doesn't matter. Pick whichever one you like more. You could even train both if you wanted.
*insert witty pokemon related statement here*

User Info: Pkawesomeness

8 years ago#3
Pk Thunder to the FACE!

User Info: Zhou14

8 years ago#4
Is this 386 some sort of hack? I'm interested.
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User Info: kirbymuncher

8 years ago#5
Yeah. It lets you catch all the pokemon, including trade evolutions and such.
*insert witty pokemon related statement here*

User Info: gbchaosmaster

8 years ago#6
Just use a normal ROM and a cheating device >_>

You can't even evolve non-National Dex pokemon in it either, IIRC.

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