What is a pikablu?

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User Info: Depressionism

5 years ago#1
Hi my friend and I are going to have our annual pokemon battle soon and he said he caught a pikablu. I looked it up in pokedex but couldn't find any data

User Info: The_Limit

5 years ago#2
Marill = Pikablu
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User Info: RaikouTGC

5 years ago#3
Pikablu was the name given to leaked artwork of Marill back just before G/S was released
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User Info: Depressionism

5 years ago#4
So is it a good pokemon? What's the best counter to it?

User Info: gbchaosmaster

5 years ago#5
lol it sucks >_> Don't worry about it

User Info: Agent_Xoa

5 years ago#6
It was a crazy rare pokemon "you can obtain on red/blue you can only get by using a glitch".

..Yeah, I used to believe what I read the internet .
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User Info: Depressionism

5 years ago#7
gbchaosmaster posted...
lol it sucks >_> Don't worry about it

hi gbchaosmaster good to see you're still alive
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User Info: Nightbird_X

5 years ago#8
Agent_Xoa posted...
It was a crazy rare pokemon "you can obtain on red/blue you can only get by using a glitch".

..Yeah, I used to believe what I read the internet .

I remember being in JH, like 7th grade, when I first heard about this. They were called "PokeGods" by various kids..he was talking about Pikablu, and saying it was a God version of Pikachu. There were even ones for other types, Pikagreen, Pikared, etc. Even things like Mewzero. This one kid at my school supposedly had all of them, yet would forget to bring his game and show me everyday. Then one day it got broke...lol. Oh, how gullible I could be.
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User Info: kirbymuncher

5 years ago#9
I think every school had one guy like that :P

The one I knew in 4-5th grade would always make up secrets, shortcuts, special techniques, etc, for all sorts of various games. I caught on pretty fast that none of them were actually true, and stopped believing him when he'd talk about games.

Then one time, he made up something that actually did exist in the game, and didn't believe me when I tried to convince him his own story was true.


User Info: AurricX

5 years ago#10
I remember all the terrible secrets. The supposed fourth stage of each of the three original starters, the secret area you got to by defeating the Elite 4 X number of times without saving... heh.

I didn't "spread rumors" per se, but there was this one obnoxious kid in my class circa fifth grade or so, and I convinced him that he had to beat the Elite 4 25 times to get into some new Pokemon Heaven area to catch all the Pokegods.
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