Exp. Share and EVs

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User Info: Iartthou

5 years ago#1
Does equipping an Exp Share also share EVs?

User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
5 years ago#2
All Pokemon that receive XP also receive the full number of EVs. EVs are not split among those that receive them; each Pokemon gets the full number given by the defeated Pokemon. In particular, this means that a Pokemon that is holding the Exp. Share receives EVs as well.

Note that since level 100 Pokemon do not receive XP, they do not receive EVs (they can still get EVs from vitamins, though). This also means that KO'd Pokemon do not receive EVs, since they do not get any XP from the battle. Also this means that when you catch a Pokemon, no one gets any EVs since no one got any XP.
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