How to get to Island ONE

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User Info: ImSoftcore

8 years ago#1
I forgot my way around, haven't played in a couple months.
How do I get to Island 1, I've been there before just forgot.

User Info: Leonardo9889

8 years ago#2
You're offered a chance to visit Island 1 by Bill after beating the Cinnabar Gym. And I think the other offer is made after beating the Elite 4 by Bill if you did not accept it earlier (not sure about this part). Check the FAQs for more information regarding the Islands.
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User Info: Preyheart

8 years ago#3
If you've been there before, you can go there again through the Vermilion City Port.

If you haven't gone yet in your current save file, then beat Blaine and accept Bill's offer, or if you rejected his offer, go to the Cinnabar Pokemon Center and talk to Bill.
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