what is the best main pokemon (Charmander Bulbasaur Squirtle) do you think?

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  3. what is the best main pokemon (Charmander Bulbasaur Squirtle) do you think?

User Info: sukeboy

8 years ago#1
what do you think??

User Info: hylianhobo

8 years ago#2

User Info: kirbymuncher

8 years ago#3
Ingame, equal.

Competitive, venusaur>charizard>>>>blastoise.
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User Info: Chicken_Wing999

8 years ago#4
i am congratulating myself on being awesome
yes it is a fact, because i can eat myself

User Info: gbchaosmaster

8 years ago#5
I predict there'll be more posts like the above, so if there's anyone smart out there, you'll listen to kirbymuncher and disregard everyone else.

Oh, you smart people can also try to prove me wrong also by not posting any more pointless "guesses" or "preferences" or "opinions" on this.
<3 glitchy

User Info: Enrrique92

8 years ago#6

Bulbasaur: A not so good choice, definetely not the best. This pokemon is
rarely thought of but has a fine moveset. Unfortunately. This
Pokemon is worse than Charmander in every Stat (apart from a teeny
weeny bit more HP).
The Pokemon is unfortunately also Grass and Poison. Making this weak
to many more different attack types. If you're a real REAL beginner
with hardly ANY pokemon knowledge, go for this Pokemon. Otherwise,
let's leave him be.

Squirtle: Ah! A fine fine choice. This pokemon has a higher Defense and SP
Defense than both Bulbasaur and Charmander. But unfortunately lacks
Attack, SP Attack and speed to that of Charmander. But it has more
SP Attack than Bulbasaur making Bulbasaur an even bigger loser. A
great choice for defender.

Charmander: Oh yes! The killer! As explained in the Bulbasaur and Squirtle
explanations, the only thing this Pokemon lacks is a bit of Defense
and Sp Defense. A bit hard to start off with for you'll need to get
him to lvl 13 before taking on Brock. This is the reccomended choice
for a good Team.
(You will have a good Sustainer to tackle your defense lackness)

quote from "team building FAQ" by RishMister

so, charmander>squirtle>bulbasaur

now thats competitive, now in-game, i guess bulbasaur, since you can kill the first 2 gyms with him, in 3rd, you may have got a geodude to kill electric, in 4th you use a pidgeoto, in 5th anything with icebeam bought at the casino etc...

with charmander, you'll get your ass kicked by the first, and geting a vasectomy with a crayon with the second

squirtle beats quickly the first and gets neutral at the second, so i say charmander

BUT, with charmander you get suicune, wich is so freaking tasty

with squirtle you get raikou, wich is "the best special sweeper" as said by smogon.com, but i think that you get the best electric pokemon with zapdos in your pocket

with bulbasaur you'll get entei, wich is the worst from the 3 legendary dogs

so, if you are starting go for bulbasaur who wont get as an atacking pokemon almost never, if you will play after beating elite 4, and you want the perfect team lv 100, get charmander....
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

8 years ago#7
Yeaaaah... I hope you realize that posting that huge thing only made you waste your time, as nobody will get fooled by it as long as they have common sense or I'm here.

You get credit for making me smile for a second, though. Even if it's only a second.
<3 glitchy

User Info: gbchaosmaster

8 years ago#8
Also, for the absolute lulz, here are some gems you gather after reading RishMaster's Team Building FAQ:

***SPOILERS (you may want to read the whole thing =P)***

- Squirtle has more Sp. Attack than Bulba (mentioned above); many other mistakes concerning the starters' stats
- Fire types are awesome
- Tanks- er, "sustainers" are good for "cautious" players (lol wut)
- Use starters
- Use legendaries, even ubers
- Use Snore on Snorlax
- Don't forget your catcher and your HM buddy (and he goes on and on about them)
- Sleep Talk = Metronome
- Shuckle is as good as Defense Deoxys
- Mewtwo's defense is "appauling"
- Celebi sucks
- "Most steel types hate electric attacks"
- Omastar's superior to most Waters
- "ultamite move double edge, 120 Power 100 acc!!!!"
<3 glitchy

User Info: Karimyo

8 years ago#9
Gbchaosmaster I think that you were a bit to harsh on them

Mas isso é bom xD

User Info: kirbymuncher

8 years ago#10
I wanted to make fun of it too :(

Here's a balanced team, according to the guide:
Electric Type: Probably one of the most important types. This is used
in the league a whole lot,

Water Type: A type that has only 3 weaknesses. Strong against many
and can use Ice beam

Normal Type: Good against everything apart from ghost, fighting
and steel

Psychic/Dark Type: It would be best if you could have a Pokemon
which knows both types of moves. Theses are used against the ‘Less
popular types’

Ground, Rock or Fighting Type: These types usually have each others
moves. For e.g. a Fighting type might know Earthquake and Rock Slide.

Fire or Flying Type: Most people choose a Flying type or have a Flying
Type as one of the other Pokemon, for the HM02 – Fly. A Fire Type is
also a very popular type since most Fire Type Pokemon have a high Sp Attk.

Unless you're training a Numel from lvl 5, don't bother on training speed EV's since it's well to hard to train such a slow Pokemon.

And other gems of wisdom:
- Starters level up faster
- the 'Special Move' for this Sceptile, Solarbeam, takes 2 turns to cast.
- Snorlax's defence and special defence are both 350 (Really, it's more like 200 and 300)
- Registeel is the best tank, but doesn't get rest
- Kyogre is slow
- Groudon has a "unique moveset of fire, ground and grass"
- Celebi has a rubbish moveset and is not useful to a good team
- No need to get zapdos if you picked a grass type starter
- Manectric has a good moveset
- If you can't get metagross, alakazam is a good replacement
- Arcanine learns good moves
- Aggron has a max speed of 18
- Golem and aggron are sweepers
-Farfetch'd is a good catcher because it can boost its critical chance (lawl fail)
- Scyther can get pokemon down to 1 hp in less than 1 minute!
Can you play brawl with a gamecube controller?
what's the point? That's like playing Melee all over again-MasterDarkForce
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  3. what is the best main pokemon (Charmander Bulbasaur Squirtle) do you think?

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