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User Info: guy121382

8 years ago#1
Hi I hope im not against the rules listed above asking this it is directly related to the game but not how the game is played

Ok thing is i still have my old civ 3 complete and its in a gold package so i think this is right forum thing i am looking for is i can't find the book that has the install code on it and i was hoping i could find a code that i could use for installing my game without needing to buy a new game.

I dont know if such answers can be made here so if not please send me to someplace were i can get an installiation code like atari . com or something. thank you

another thing i was wonderin anyone know how to create a unit that actually looks like the dinasours i was editing making my own civ and units and such and i can find the icon that looks like dinasours in the list but i have no idea what to put in so that it will actually show up in the game play as a dinasour yes i still have it installed on my laptop but i want to install it on my desktop i just baught because my laptop is vista and i baught an xp so i can play hotseat because hot seat will not work on my vista computer unless someone can tell me how to get hotseat to work on my vista that would be great as well i can play everything even go to multiplayer but when i select hotseat when it goes were ur saposed to pick your civ and map and stuff i can't do anythin none of the arrows for options respond at all and when i click the cancel "X" mark at bottom right of screen to exit and go back it hilights it but when i click nothing happens i need to CNTRL ALT DEL and end the process it says its till running and responding fine but it wont work so i need to end it.

Please if anyone can help thank you.

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