Blue Moon or Red Sun? (Need Opinions!)

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  3. Blue Moon or Red Sun? (Need Opinions!)

User Info: jjtheman523

8 years ago#1
Which souls and gigas are better?

User Info: yeapengchiam

8 years ago#2
Red Sun

User Info: beibin

8 years ago#3
Red Sun.

User Info: Chipspirate

8 years ago#4
well... I'd say redsun, although blue moons bass chip is kind nice aswell
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User Info: Vortic99

8 years ago#5
I'd love to have a Bass chip, but that SearchSoul is very tempting....

User Info: Lloyd13Z

8 years ago#6
Theres a Bass chip in both games.

Vortic, are you new to Battle Network AND GameFAQs, by chance?
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User Info: The_Bear753

8 years ago#7
Red Sun is better in every single possible way.

Blue Moon has fail souls (save Proto/Blues and maybe Wood) and God-awful giga chips. IDK why everyone loves the Bass chip, the RS one is way better IMO.

But anyway, you'd be way better off getting Red Sun, unless you'd like to play the version where only 2/6 of the souls are useable and has nothing that Red Sun doesn't have/get more of/have better quality of, then otherwise get BM.
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  3. Blue Moon or Red Sun? (Need Opinions!)

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