Video Skipping during In-Game Cutscenes?

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  3. Video Skipping during In-Game Cutscenes?

User Info: Eric037

7 years ago#1
Does anyone know if it's possible for an in-game cutscene rendered on-the-fly to skip (or be affected in some similar way) due to a damaged disc? Or does video skipping only happen to pre-rendered cutscenes (video files)?

I'm seeing very minor jitter-like movements where animations aren't completely smooth during some cutscenes. I've seen some of them duplicated in other people's videos of the game, but I've been unable to confirm all of them as being normal.

Most people probably wouldn't notice because they're so minor, but I already lost one copy of this game when cutscenes (pre-rendered ones though, not in-game ones as far as I recall) were skipping and freezing on me.

So now I'm wondering whether or not this disc is damaged like my last one, or if it's just some flawed animation. If in-game cutscenes can NOT skip or anything like that, I'll just conclude that this is normal and my disc is fine.

But I don't know if they can skip or that's why I'm asking.
(I assume this game has on-the-fly cutscenes since costumes are reflected in the cutscenes. And I was reading a topic from DarkShieldwham mentioning having a spear equipped or Rin invisible was reflected in the cutscene.)

User Info: 2ndAtomisk

7 years ago#2
Well my scenes don't skip.
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  3. Video Skipping during In-Game Cutscenes?

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