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User Info: fire21971

6 years ago#1
1. is the hardest mm
2.is the easiest mm
3. is the your favorite mm
4.would you recomend

User Info: thunderbird006

6 years ago#2
1)MM7 is the HARDEST MM game, . Hands down..The Final boss, is arguably one of the HARDEST FINAL MM BOSSES.. Maybe the HARDEST AMONGST FINAL BOSSES...

MM1 would be the next HARDEST by A VERY DISTANT second

2)MM2, is pretty easy, if you ask me.. Their ALL NOT TERRIBLY TOO HARD.So, something, to think about..

3)MM2 or MM3.. MM2, due to nostalgia, and the great lvl designs, and music, and mostly nostalgia.. MM3, if, because I PLAYED it the MOST out of THEM ALL.and due, to the fact that I've had enough time, to reall get used to the game's mechanics..THERM's are quite unique

4)Which one to play first.. How ABOUT ALL OF THEM?!Well, you want one to get a feel for the MM series.. MM2/3, are the games to try, as the most basic concepts of MM are defined in these two games..MM1, well, you SHOULD PLAY NEXT, if only to prepare yourself, for MM9-10.since these games reverts back to MM1 concepts.. W/out the slide, and charge, which I find TO BE A VERY BAD IDEA.
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User Info: zuschzero

6 years ago#3
1. Megaman 1 - No E-tanks, you can die in 3 hits from some robot master attacks

2. Megaman 5 or 6

3. Megaman 4 - The game is almost perfect, seriously

4.MM1, MM2, MM4, MM6
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User Info: KingJames304

6 years ago#4
1. Mega Man 1.
The Yellow Devil boss is nearly impossible and the game has a few other aggravating parts.

2. Mega Man 5
It's so easy you may beat most of the levels and robot masters on your first try WITHOUT using special weapons.

3. Mega Man 4
Everything about it is practically perfect. Good difficulty, useful weapons, great music, a nice selection of robot masters, and the story was original at the time.

4. I would recommend Mega Man 4 or 7. 4 is just darn great and 7 is fun to play and very nice looking. Mega Man 8 is good too but they butchered its port on this collection. Track it down for PS1 and play it on there.
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